The Bloodsmith


The quest The Bloodsmith is automatically started when its prerequisite quest, From the Blood of Kings, ends. It is done concurrently with the quest Faces and Names. Your first objective is to find a smith to aid in the reforging of the axe. Talk to Isobel in Falkreath, who, as you may recall is the heir to the Star-Blood Forge (Cyrodil’s version of the Skyforge). What’s unique about this forge, however, is that it requires a bit of oil (or in this case blood) in order to keep the piece from breaking under the heat. Isobel continues by saying that she has everything that she needs to reforge the axe except for Bloodgrass, which the East Empire Company was supposed to ship to her. The Civil War, however, complicated things. The blacksmith suggests the player talk to her contact for the East Empire Company, over in Windhelm.

Once there, you’ll find out that the cargo has been stolen by bandits, and that Isobel’s contact Cyrus, has already hired Larsdon and company to retrieve it. Unfortunately, they never returned. One of Cyrus’ contacts managed to figure out a mutual signal used by the pirates and their fences- a dagger placed on top of a burial cairn. So our next objective is to- what else- put a dagger that Cyrus gives you on top of a burial cairn near Refugees’ Rest.

Once you arrive there and plant the dagger, you just have to wait for the fence to show. From this point you have a few options for finding out the location of the meeting; you can shadow Mallon (the fence), or you can pickpocket him to obtain the ‘Note From Skrag’ in his inventory. Reading it, you will learn that the deal is taking place at the New Gnisis Cornerclub. There you will find Skrag, who has in his inventory a ‘Note from M’ detailing the location of the drop off spot- Sadri’s Used Wares. It is located inside a barrel in a room just off from the main shop itself (note that you WILL have to steal it).

Now that you’ve obtained the Bloodgrass, head back to Cyrus, who will reward you. After that, go back to Isobel in Falkreath and give her the Bloodgrass to complete the quest.

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