The Carver and the Collector

Ytharil and Corpse

The Carver and the Collector
Quest Giver Y’tharil
Locations Barrow near Reachwind Eyrie, camp south of Riverwood
Prerequisites None
Related Quests None
Enemy Level PC x 1 max 15 Class CombatBarbarian
Quest ID DialogueYtharil Editor ID 020CB644
NPCs Y’tharil, Fjord
Reward Sculpted Orc skull

The Carver and the Collector introduces the player to Y’tharil, a chirurgeon who uses a blend of sculpting and magic to alter the faces of the dead, augmenting the lore on face sculpting introduced in the Dawnguard expansion. Y’tharil will ask the player to retrieve a hip bone, and in doing so they will also meet Fjord, for whom a traumatic incident led to an obsession.

A Mortal Has One But Wears Many
Exploring the area east of the Reach Orc stronghold, Dushnikh Yal, the player will discover Y’tharil’s Barrow. Descending the steps will lead them to a corpse laid out on a table, a Dark Elf studying it intently. She introduces herself as Y’tharil, a face sculptor who works exclusively on the dead.


After a long period of training in facial sculpture with the Hollow-Faced Men of Nohotogrha, and further study of therianthropy with the Witches of Devilrock, she made plans to return to Morrowind, hoping to capitalise on her unusual skill-set amongst assassins. Discovering the Morag Tong were no more, she decided to move to Skyrim. However, on arrival her carriage was plundered by bandits and some of her possessions taken, including a widened male hip bone, a treasured gift from a former master, and the inspiration for her career. She overheard the bandits mention their plans to set up camp overlooking a sleeping giant, but her unfamiliarity with Skyrim rendered the information of little use.

Shaped Like a Butterfly
Ascending the hill behind the Sleeping Giant inn at Riverwood, the player will approach the pine forest area to find a small camp on the side of the mountain. Its only inhabitant, Fjord, became obsessed with bones following some negative associations formed during a bandit attack, and a lucky escape by virtue of a bone rattle. Indulging his obsession by asking him about his collection will lead him to disclose that he recently killed some bandits in possession of an unusual hip bone that doesn’t fit with the rest of his set. The player can then use persuasion to make him question its authenticity. With a speechcraft skill of 35 or more, or an amulet of articulation equipped, he’ll conclude that it’s a fake and hand it over to the player. Failure will cause him to suspect it’s a counterfeit, but opt to seek a second opinion, forcing the player to either pickpocket it, or kill him and loot it from his corpse.


A Handsome Reward
Delighted by the return of her treasured artefact, Y’tharil will reward the Dragonborn with an item of great personal significance; an Orc skull she crafted in the fashion of a human skull, before setting on her path as a sculptor of the dead. Though of little value to Skyrim shopkeepers, this item can be offered to the appraiser Valencia for 1000 gold on the completion of Robbers Refuge.

-Y’tharil’s journal can be found in the barrow, which hints at the identity of the corpse on the table.
-Y’tharil is referenced in The Elven Sword.

The Carver and the Collector (DialogueYtharil)
Stage Information
1 Find the face sculptor.
10 Investigate the camp south of the Sleeping Giant inn at Riverwood.
20 Return the sculpted hip bone to Y’tharil.
100 Receive Orc skull reward. Y’tharil’s essential status is removed.

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