The Children Fair


The Children Fair
Quest Giver Zora Fair-Child
Locations Sleeping Giant Inn, Falkreath Barracks, Bloodlet Throne
Prerequisites Be Outside of Riverwood, Have 1 Quest/Location Convrsation with Zora
Related Quests Blood of Kings Questline
Enemy Level PC x 1 Class EncClassAtronachFlame
Quest ID Zoraquest Editor ID 02147D05
NPCs Zora, Lyrik, Marigoth, Joselyn
Reward Optional – Gold(200)

The Children Fair reunites Zora with her sister, Joselyn, as she attempts to rescue her from a prison of her own making. Much like Zora’s life prior to being scarred, the quest borrows many elements from classic fairy tales, as the hero is pitted against an evil witch in hopes of rescuing a damsel in distress. However, just as her life never went according to script, Zora is not only forced to work with the witch, but take on the role of the hero herself. All this to save her sister from a fantasy world, one they always wanted but could never have.

Finding Joselyn
Once the player has had 1 quest or location based conversation with Zora, they will have effectively established a friendship that will enable the quest dialogue. The conversation can be accessed provided the player is outside of Riverwood, as later scenes imply the pair missed running into Joselyn by a few days.

At the Sleeping Giant Inn, Orgnar tells Zora that Joselyn left with two men, conceivably on the run from authorities. He hands her a bounty note that mentions the Jarl’s men are also looking for a witch. Zora asks the PC to take her to Falkreath, worried that her sister may have attempted to cross the border to Cyrodiil.

The first of Lathgwen’s Journals makes mention of Joselyn trying to cross the border on her own. Originally, the idea was she made it across to Cyrodiil, but the story was rewritten to imply fierce storms pushed her back to Bloodlet Throne, where she escaped into the crystal.

The Witch and The Horse Thief
Upon visiting the Falkreath barracks, Zora and the player will meet Lyrik, the horse thief who helped Joselyn and an unnamed friend try to cross the border. Lyrik will insist she made it to Cyrodiil safely, but it’s clear this is not the case when he is interrupted by the witch Marigoth.


Marigoth tells Zora that members of her coven had been waiting for her on the other side of the Jerall Mountains, and had forced her back to Skyrim. Joselyn ended up taking refuge in a nearby fort, where vampires have taken up residence. Marigoth reveals that despite this, Joselyn is likely to be alive, escaping into a magical crystal which she stole from the old crone.

– Idle commentary will take place between Zora and Marigoth when traveling from Falkreath to Bloodlet Throne, as well as inside the fort, with each conditioned by location.

Inside the Crystal
After fighting past the horde of vampires, the player finds the crystal in a small stand near the boss’ treasure chest. Marigoth proceeds to send the pair inside with a spell, indicating she herself has no idea what the pair will find inside.

Teleporting inside the crystal will bring the player to Zora’s Field, a lush area full of tundra cotton. A child version of Joselyn approaches her sister, telling her she built the paradise for the two of them. However, while Joselyn wishes to forget what happened, Zora has grown from the experience, and thus maintains her adult form.

Nevertheless, Zora is unsure whether what’s best for her is best for Joselyn. The player has the option of  convincing her to let her stay or urging her to take Joselyn home. If the player shows indifference, Zora will come to the conclusion that she must return to Riverwood with her sister.

– The mesh/texture of the crystal is taken from a standard black soul gem.
– Zora’s Field is first mentioned in her original conversation back in Brittleshin Pass, and her need to plant it being the primary reason she is often captured.
– The size of Zora’s Field is constrained due to the nature of the boss fight and logistical limitations. If the resources were available, the field in Joselyn’s mind would stretch for thousands of miles.
– Adult Joselyn can be seen on the conjurer’s table even as child Joselyn is prancing about.
– The track that plays when arriving inside the crystal is “We Built this World” by Giramor.

The Final Battle
Angered that Zora would leave her, Joselyn channels her rage into a fire. The fire transforms into 15 flame atronachs, each one leveled with the player. This can make the fight easier or far more challenging than facing vanilla atronachs depending on the level of the PC. The player can also take advantage of Zora’s invulnerability to fire by playing defense.

– Zora is invulnerable throughout the final battle, first and foremost to show her personal growth, but also to ease the player’s burden.
– Joselyn’s Firestorm spell resulted in many players being killed immediately. Versions after 2.38 will reduce the magnitude of Joselyn’s custom spell to almost zero.
– The track that plays during the final fight and in the aftermath is “Peril” by Arisen1.
– In version 2.43.3, the number of atronachs has been reduced to 8.

If Zora chooses to rescue Joselyn, then the rear portcullis will open once the atronachs are defeated. Zora will rush to her sister’s side and Joselyn will muster the strength to send the three back to Bloodlet Throne. Leaving Joselyn in the crystal will result in her child self returning to say goodbye.

If Joselyn is left inside the crystal, the player will have no choice but to kill Marigoth in order to protect her. Zora will give the player the signal they agreed upon at the cemetery, and killing the witch will effectively end the quest. However, if Joselyn is rescued, the player is presented with two options: honoring the deal with the witch or killing her.

Regardless of the outcome, Zora will thank the player for their help. A reward of 200 gold can be coaxed from Zora if the player chooses to ask for it.

– As Zora can be married prior to The Children Fair, marriage specific dialogue is available during this quest.
– If Marigoth is spared, she will travel to the ironically named Dead Crone Rock and sandbox near an enchanting table.
– Joselyn will sandbox in Riverwood and Anise’s Cabin, with a handful of single-line commentary but no conversation strings.
– Zora’s Cotton will have the same effects as tundra cotton, but will be recognized by Yushari as unique and enable a brief conversation.

The Children Fair (Zoraquest)
Stage Information
0 Having one location or quest based conversation will allow the player to start the quest.
5 Zora will tell the PC she is worried about Joselyn and wishes to return to Riverwood.
10 A scene with Orgnar followed by another conversation will lead the pair to Falkreath. This stage enables the witch Marigoth.
20 Navigating through Lyrik’s dialogue will start a scene between him and Zora. Lyrik will mention having tried to help Joselyn cross the border to Cyrodiil.
25 Marigoth interrupts the pair, indicating Joselyn never made it past the Jerall Mountains. She asks to speak with Zora in private near the cemetery.
30 Marigoth reveals Joselyn trapped herself inside the very crystal she stole from the witch. She believes they will find her in Bloodlet Throne, along with a throng of vampires.
35 Finding the crystal intact, Marigoth sends the pair inside.
40 The two find themselves teleported to Zora’s Field, where a child version of Joselyn awaits.
60 After Zora refuses to stay in the crystal, Joselyn unleashes a firestorm that transforms into 15 flame atronachs.
65 Vanquishing the atronachs will result in a scene between Zora and Joselyn, with the latter’s form contingent on the player’s choice to let her stay or go.
70 The player returns with Zora but leaves Joselyn in the crystal, resulting in Marigoth turning hostile.
75 The player rescues Joselyn and the three make it safely back to Bloodlet Throne, where Marigoth demands the player live up to his/her end of the bargain.
80 Marigoth attacks the pair and is killed.
85 The player is tasked with determining Marigoth’s fate.
95 The player double-crosses Marigoth and kills the witch.
97 Marigoth is allowed to depart with the crystal and travels to Dead Crone Rock.
100 The quest completes with Joselyn shyly fleeing back to Riverwood.
150 Zora tells the PC to hold onto the crystal as she may be tempted to rescue Joselyn. The quest completes.

Notes: Stages 7, 15, 27, 45, 50 55, and 90 are set during scenes or when entering a trigger at the appropriate stage.

44 thoughts on “The Children Fair”

  1. I’m not sure how to start this quest. I went to the Sleeping Giant after talking about me becoming Harbinger with Zora and spoke with Gorr then left. After a moment Zora said she wanted to talk to me about something, but when I did I get no new dialogue options. Am I doing something wrong here or what am I supposed to do?

    btw Hate asking for help, but I don’t want to not progress.

    1. The quest is available by talking to Zora about her sister. You have to be outside of Riverwood, and had 1 location/quest based dialogue(which you have if you spoke about becoming Harbinger). There will be a conversation available about her sister.

      Gorr is unrelated, unless you’re referring to the quest Pit Dogs.

  2. I’ve tried, totally outside of Riverwood and Whiterun hold altogether. Nothing The only new thing that popped up was something about Morvath when I got to Morthall.

    I’m just not finding that starting dialogue for her sister’s quest thing. I don’t want to force start it but I might have to.

  3. Got it, started and finished quest. I had literally gone through outer space and back before I got the dialogue, but it was there. Loved the quest, Thumbs up!

    1. I am having the same problem, what did you do to get the dialog to appear? I don’t have her as a follower and she is already in Riverwood, but the description says “Zora will tell the PC she is worried about Joselyn and wishes to return to Riverwood.” so should I have her follow me and take her away from Riverwood?

      1. I guess I read that incorrectly, but I did finally get the quest to start by taking her to Falkreath. Disregard my last comment xD

  4. So I progressed to stage 25, and then I dropped Zora as a follower (she still followed me around, though) and picked up Rumarin for a while. Then I dropped Rumarin, picked Zora back up and tried continuing the quest, but the dialogue would no longer trigger.

    I’ve been manually progressing the quest since then – is there any way to get the scripts to trigger naturally?

    1. it doesn’t matter if you dismiss her or not. SImply walking into the cemetery at stage 25 will trigger the scene between her and Marigoth. However, Zora might get stuck for a second or two navigating around the headstones, you just have to be patient and she’ll get there.

      1. Thanks for your reply!

        I’ve waited around five minutes for the scene to start, but it just doesn’t. Zora and Marigoth stand next to one another and stare at me. I’ve tried fast traveling out and back, but nothing seems to work. Is there some way to trigger this scene via console?

        1. the scene starts when zora enters the trigger box if you are at stage 25. it’s possible you aren’t on stage 25 if you bypassed an earlier scene or dialogue. “sqv zoraquest” to make sure. the other explanation is another mod has removed the trigger box.

          setstage zoraquest 27 will skip the scene entirely and you can speak to zora.

  5. Zora wouldn’t talk to Orgnar, so I advanced the quest stage, and now she won’t talk to Lyrik. I don’t have any follower mods except fixed followers lite, and I don’t have anything that modifies the barracks afaik. All the other mods I have are bug fixes/immersion mods that I’m almost certain don’t interact with followers.

    1. it’s possible orgnar is being used by another mod so his alias didn’t fill, although there was a fix for that awhile back. maybe you’re using an older version along with some innkeeper mod.

      Lyrik should definitely talk to Zora. it’s possible you didn’t reach the proper dialogue that sets the stage. it’s the question “What happened next?” at the end of his story about the runaways which sets the stage to 20 and begins the scene between him and Zora. It takes some navigating as Lyrik was an NPC made before the quest, otherwise I would have made it a lot easier to get to. You can also do this via the console.

  6. Am I able to setstage Zoraquest 5 if I’m at 20? Might it cause problems? I’ve never tried going back in time in Skyrim. I want to go through the scene again after updating Interesting NPCs, and (if necessary) after removing Realistic Room Rental.

    I’ve gotten to the “what happened next?” part, but I don’t remember if I actually exited the conversation.

    1. Probably not. You’d have to go back to an earlier save. Either way, stage 20 should have triggered the scene between Lyrik and Zora, there’s nothing that should conflict there since it’s a fairly basic “Start this scene at stage 20” script. I mean, missing audio files could bork it, but it’s been voiced for ages.

        1. did you set the stage to 20 through the console? because that would bork it.

          the “what happened” script only triggers on stage 10. it sets the stage to 20 and it kicks you out of the dialogue automatically.

          i believe you said you were already on stage 20, meaning the scene should’ve triggered at the time you reached that stage, unless you did so manually while in riverwood or something. Setting to 20 in riverwood probably will kill the quest as the scene wouldn’t play properly.

  7. Question: Orgnar in this quest, and several other vanilla NPCs in other quests appear to have original dialogue. Did you use otherwise unused voice files? Is one of the voice actors good at mimicking them?

    Best mod ever, by the way.

  8. Very awesome guest, I really like the banter between Zora and Marigoth. Did find the flame atronochs challenging as Zora was in “recovery” mode most of the battle. Went through a lot of healing potions.

  9. First off, this mod is fantastic. The amount of time it must have taken to record the voice-overs alone really sets it apart. Not to mention the quality of the mod as a whole.
    Anyhow, I seem to be stuck on stage 35. I don’t exactly remember what happened (as it was 7-10 hours of gameplay ago), but I seem to remember when Marigoth tried to (maybe) send Zora and I into the crystal, Zora (might have) attacked her. Like I said, I’m not entirely sure as I don’t know how the scenario was supposed to play out.
    I’ve tried setstage back to 30 then forward to 35, but it didn’t seem to have any effect (nothing in the Quests menu changed).
    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. This is the first I’ve heard of Zora attacking Marigoth, but if I had to take a guess, it was a friendly fire incident, given stage 35 removes Marigoth from the player faction.

      You could set the stage to 40, but eventually a later scene will break if zora continues to attack. Another option would be to try an earlier save that happened prior to the friendly fire.

      You can also try dropping this in your script folder, it’s a script that forcibly stops Zora and Marigoth from combat at stage 35.

        1. well, as I said stage 40’s not ideal if zora’s attacking marigoth, because once you leave the crystal she’ll just attack again, at least that’s what I’m assuming.

          but who knows, maybe it worked? if it didn’t, the script would probably be the safest bet, just delete when finished with the quest.

      1. Alright, so I did some troubleshooting with all non-visual mods off to see if I could re-create what happened.

        Turns out I was successful, here’s the run-down.
        During ZoraQuestScene5 if you attack or otherwise hurt Marigoth the scene stops as Marigoth retaliates, although she doesn’t become an enemy as the compass never registers her as a threat. However, Zora starts attacking either because the player did or because Marigoth harmed the player (I’m not familiar with the exact follower attack logic).

        Eventually Marigoth takes a knee as she’s still flagged as essential. Once Marigoth gets back up, she’ll still follow you around as per the MarigothFollow package and the player will be forever stuck in quest stage 35.

        There you have it. If there’s anything else I can do or test, let me know.

  10. An interesting bit of dialogue from Zora, when she mentioned that she was looking for a particular healer for her scarring.
    Does this NPC exist?

    1. nope, it’s too important to her character to just magick it away. If you take her to the mod’s face sculptor NPC, Y’tharil, she’ll mention she’s too scared to go under the knife.

  11. Play v3.02… While in Zora’s field, here is the sequence of events that unfolded:
    1. Initial conversation between Zora and kid Joselyn
    2. Joselyn’s Fire appears, we kill it
    3. Zora now replays her part of the initial conversation with Joselyn, even though kid Joselyn isn’t there
    4. Zora approaches adult Joselyn – quest progresses normally.

    #3 was weird, thought I’d let you know about it.

      1. I had the same thing happen to me. I was enjoying the story so much anyway, it was an opportune time to harvest the field. haha

  12. I have a big problem at the stage 40. We were teleported to the Fields, but sisters won’t talk to each other … Joselyn just stands there and Zora follows me, but clicking on her states that she is busy.

  13. After being teleported (stage 40), the sisterst won’t talk to each other. Zora follows me, and when I click on her it states that she is “busy”, and Jocelyn just stands there. I tried to reloading a previous save, but it didn’t help.

    1. While I’ve never been able to replicate this, the symptoms you describe make it sound like Zora, being busy, is somehow stuck in an earlier scene, and Jocelyn is waiting for it to end.

      Now, I have made the previous scene “interruptible” for this reason, but perhaps you’re using an older version of the mod when this wasn’t the case. You can try updating the mod, or trying this file, which adds a forcible “Zoraquestscene5.stop()” line to the script. Drop in scripts folder and start play from BEFORE stage 40 as that’s the stage the line has been added to. You can delete when quest is done.

  14. I have no bugs to report, no complaints what so ever. I just want to thank everyone who wrote this quest. I’ve just installed Interesting NPC’s and I just finished the quest line. I really was beautiful, it even tugged on my heartstring abit. This is the best mod I’ve ever used, thats saying something after only doing 1 quest. Thanks again.

  15. How do you start the quest i’ve been looking everywhere. I talked to her about the blade in the dark quest. I talked to her about riverwood and said “you seem rather undersand about the whole ordeal”. I said that inside and outside of riverwood and no quest starts.

    1. type “sqv dialoguezora” and make sure you are on stage 10 or higher. you should be, as all conversations post-riverwood set to stage 10, but just in case might as well check.

      Next, you must be inside an “inn, house, town or city” outside riverwood

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