The Curse

QUEST GIVER Innkeepers in Dawnstar or Morthal
LOCATIONS Stonehills, Dawnstar
ENEMY LEVEL PC x 1.5 CLASS CombatWarrior2H
QUEST ID Hagcursequest EDITOR ID XX2F282F
NPCS Sorax, Hag, Kleera, Minedrahl, Sorax’s Wife

NOTE: The Curse WILL NOT appear in the Player’s journal.

The Curse quest can be started by talking to the innkeepers at either Morthal or Dawnstar, and asking if there is any news or rumors. The innkeep will give you a note telling you to be on the lookout for strange activity that has been reported west of Stonehills.

Upon investigating the specified area, the Dragonborn will find a group of four people- a hag kneeling on the ground, and three others standing over her. From their dialogue, it is clear that they are about to execute the hag. Before they do, however, the hag prophecizes:

“in seven days, a fog will descend upon your houses, it will consume your livestock, your spouses, your children… and it will continue for all eternity until the four of you are bound to the void!”

Once the hag is killed, talk to the Nord, a man named Sorax for more information on what just happened. It turns out that Sorax, Minedrahl (the Bosmer), and Kleera (the Redguard) are all witchunters. Their quarrel with this particular witch is personal- the hag killed their mutual friend, an Argonian named Derkathus.

After talking to Sorax, there’s nothing else to do here, so go about your merry way.

The quest isn’t over, however. Remember the prophecy? Head to the Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar. Entering and then exiting it will trigger the next part of the quest, so head down to the docks, near Frik’s boat. Sorax and his wife can be found there, having a discussion about their son, who has recently taken ill. Sorax approaches the Player, and explaining that he thinks that his son’s illness has to do with the witch’s curse, and that the only way to find out is to find Kleera and Minedrahl, reasoning that if similar things have happened to them, then the hag’s prophecy must be true.

In order to find the others, the Dragonborn, accompanied by Sorax, must head back to where it all started- the clearing west of Stonehills where they killed the witch. Upon arriving, the Bosmer and the Redguard will already be there. Sorax and the Player will learn of the death of Kleera’s husband in a freak mill accident and Minedrahl’s first born child due to the actions of the family dog.

Sorax will reveal his situation, and Klerra and Minedrahl, believing, in accordance with the prophecy, that the curse will not end until all who were involved in the execution lie dead. The pair will then proceed to attack Sorax and the Player. After fending them off, Sorax will comment that even if they killed him, that would still only be three people dead, not the four people the hag mentioned. He will then attack the player, hoping that with both his and the Dragonborn’s death, the curse will be lifted. Upon the death of Sorax, the quest will be marked as complete.

10 Investigate the Area West of Stone Hills.
50 Escort Sorax to the meeting place.
100 Quest is completed

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