The Elven Sword


The Elven Sword
Quest Giver Pelgurt
Locations Candlehearth Hall, Uttering Hills Cave, Winking Skeever, Purewater Run
Prerequisites None
Related Quests None
Enemy Level PC x 1 Class CombatBarbarian
Quest ID VartheimQuest Editor ID 0218A9BD
NPCs Pelgurt, Vartheim, Benild
Reward 500 – 700 + 1000 gold

The Elven Sword is a quest in which the player uncovers a complex web of deception
when retrieving a stolen family heirloom, exploring themes of identity in a world
where appearances can be purchased.

My Family Sword…
On approaching Pelgurt in Candlehearth Hall at Windhelm, the player is presented
with a helpless Nord attempting to elicit aid from a passing adventurer. He
explains that an Elven sword, a precious family heirloom, was stolen. Bequeathed to
him by his deceased Father, his Uncle had arranged a heavily guarded caravan to
transport the sword to him. His efforts were in vain however, as the sword never
reached its destination.

If the player is curious about the history of the sword, he will recount the tale
of an ancestor who fell in love with a High Elf. As this relationship was frowned
upon by the Altmer’s prestigious warrior clan family, the Nord ancestor resolved to
prove herself a worthy mate by disguising herself as her lover and entering a
tournament. To enact the plan she visited a face sculptor in Cloudrest, and tasked
the chirurgeon with replicating his features. Revealing her true identity on
victory won her the desired acceptance from his family, and winning the tournament
earned her the Elven sword. Thus the sword is revered as a precious symbol of
acceptance. He adds that the real value of the sword lies in its inscription,
declaring the holder the true heir of this couple.

Pelgurt will point the player towards Uttering Hills Cave. On accepting the quest
they are given the option of requesting half of the payment up front, to which he
will happily agree.

I Can’t Wait to Tell my Uncle
Having fought through the bandits at Uttering Hills Cave, the player will find the
Elven sword on top of a set of shelves in the bandit chief’s quarters.

Elven Sword

On returning to Pelgurt, he will be unable to conceal his anticipation and
immediately ask if the sword was found. On its return he will earnestly thank the
Dragonborn and reward them for their trouble, giving the player the option to push
for a larger amount of gold if they wish. He’ll conclude by mentioning his plans to
show it to his Uncle, who has been staying at the Winking Skeever in Solitude,
trying to find clues on the sword’s whereabouts.

Pelgurt’s Uncle Vartheim can be found in the cellar of the Winking Skeever, engaged
in a heated discussion with his bodyguard, Benild. He is frantic about the
authenticity of a sword, following a message from a woman about a duplicate.
Attempting to placate him, Benild posits that the message he received may not even
have been from her, and suggests they travel to the woman’s hideout at Purewater
Run to check. Wary of danger, Vartheim agrees on the condition that Benild hires an
extra bodyguard. She notices the Dragonborn and enlists their services, but is
reticent when asked for more details on the assignment.

What is the Meaning of This?
At Purewater Run, Vartheim is shocked to discover the corpses of his two
associates, and the Benild he had taken for his long-serving bodyguard an imposter.
Addressing him as “Uncle”, she tells him that a face sculptor altered her face to
mimic his bodyguard. Enraged at the treachery, Vartheim becomes hostile, lashing
out at both the impostor and the player.


On looting Vartheim, the player will find the original sword and a note from Helja,
informing him that while spying on Pelgurt she has witnessed him donning an
identical sword, and is no longer sure that Vartheim’s is the original.

The Benild impostor takes the sword, introducing herself as Pelgurt’s Altmer
Cousin, Serwen, and apologises for the deception. Having established that the
Dragonborn isn’t working for Vartheim, she candidly explains that Pelgurt’s
original quest was a ruse to entice Vartheim’s agents, and the first sword
counterfeit. She shares her childhood recollection of the sword being awarded to
her Uncle’s love at the historic tournament, and how unbearable it was to witness
such a cherished symbol of unity fall into the hands of one who only desired to
sell it for profit. On discovering that Vartheim’s bodyguard shared her race, she
emulated her identity by visiting a face sculptor called Ytharil, allowing her to
assume a trusted position in his staff.

She concludes that she is leaving Skyrim to travel with Pelgurt to the Summerset
Isle, as he has yet to visit the home of his better half, and rewards the player
with 1000 gold on his behalf.

The Elven Sword (VartheimQuest)
Stage Information
0 Talk to Pelgurt at Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm.
5 Retrieve Pelgurt’s family sword.
10 Return the sword to Pelgurt at Candlehearth Hall.
15 Receive reward gold. Find out more about the bandit attack at the Winking Skeever in Solitude.
30 Pelgurt is disabled, and Benild and Vartheim are enabled.
50 Meet Vartheim and Benild at Purewater Run.
70 Kill Vartheim.
80 Retrieve Pelgurt’s family sword.
100 Receive 1000 gold as a reward. Benild’s essential status is removed.

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