The Law Always Wins


The Law Always Wins
Quest Giver Raynes
Locations Lost Echo Cave
Prerequisites None
Related Quests Brother and Keeper
Enemy Level Scales with player Class LvlFalmerBoss
Quest ID DialogueRaynes Editor ID 0209F11B
NPCs Raynes, Horace
Reward Raynes available as a follower

The Law Always Wins introduces the player to Raynes, a belligerent vigilante, who demonstrates his draconian attitude to criminality whilst helping the player clear Lost Echo Cave of its inhabitants. This quest enables Raynes as a follower, and fills one of three conditions that make him a marriage candidate (the player will also need to own a vanilla home and enquire about his ancestry while they are visiting an inn), it is also a prerequisite for Brother and Keeper (in addition to speaking to Griffith).

The Keeper of the Law
Exploring Lost Echo Cave, the player will encounter a one-eyed Dunmer leaning against the wall beside a concealed doorway. He introduces himself as Raynes, a keeper of the law, who was led to the cave by following a trail to a hideout used by guards who have turned to banditry. To his frustration he found it inhabited by Falmer, who have likely killed the entire party. Feeling primed, Raynes intends to enter the hideout and kill the Falmer as a consolation, but can’t find a way in.


When the player activates the nearby ceremonial brazier with a glowing mushroom in their inventory, the door slides open and Raynes follows them through the cave to assist with combat.

One Eye, One Knife, One Neck
Screams sounding in the distance, the pair fight numerous Falmer and Chaurus, discovering an enclosure in a side-room filled with the corpses of the deviant guards. A little further along they encounter Horace, the only survivor, brought to his knees by the surrounding Chaurus. When the assailants have been killed and the Dragonborn initiates conversation with him, he earnestly thanks them for saving his life. Raynes contends that he’s there to end his life, and slaughters Horace while he begs for help from the player and signals surrender. Expressing disappointment that he was too frail to keep alive, Raynes discloses that he prefers to extensively mutilate and cripple one of the group, then liberate them to serve as a powerful message to other criminals.

Raynes and Horace

Raynes will express his enthusiasm to hunt down more lawbreakers with the Dragonborn, and becomes a potential follower from here on. If not following the player, he keeps an active schedule:
-Sundas – Old Hroldan Inn (the Reach)
-Morndas – The Drunken Huntsman (Whiterun)
-Tirdas – Hunters Rest (shack near Moss Mother Cavern in Falkreath)
-Middas – Dawnstar Docks
-Turdas – Braidwood Inn (Kynesgrove)
-Fredas – Darkwater Crossing (south Eastmarch)
-Loredas – Vilemyr Inn (Ivarstead)

The Law Always Wins (DialogueRaynes)
Stage Information
0 Speak to Raynes in Lost Echo Cave.
20 Clear out the Falmer cave with Raynes and look for any survivors.
22 Observe Raynes killing a bandit.
100 Conclusion of quest.

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