The Loudest Whisper


The Loudest Whisper
Quest Giver Jaspar Gaerston
Locations Dawnstar, Morthal, Solitude Winking Skeever
Prerequisites Read the book The Stone Hand, spoken to Jaspar about his Orc Muse
Related Quests None
Enemy Level N/A Class N/A
Quest ID DialogueJasparGaerston Editor ID XX025759
NPCs Jaspar Gaerston, Flin Horstad
Reward 100-500 gold

The Loudest Whisper tells the story of Jaspar Gaerston, an aspiring writer trying to find his voice. After many failed attempts to write something of substance, Jaspar met an Orc outside the Winking Skeever who inspired him to write the book The Stone Hand. However, in spite of Jaspar’s belief that he had written a great story, the manuscript was rejected by Adonato Leotelli. Given the writer had likened the prose to that of a blacksmith, Jaspar left the book on the table of Al’Hassan in Morthal on his way to Dawnstar.

The Odd Critique
Reading Jaspar’s book will reveal that while the prose is clunky and grandiloquent, it couldn’t possibly have been written by a blacksmith. The player, after having read the book and listened to his story, informs Jaspar that it’s likely Adonato never read the manuscript. Jaspar asks the player to take the book to Solitude to find a more honest critique.

The Orc whom Jaspar describes as his muse is Gromash, who can be found in Narzulbur.

Finding the Publisher
The player visits the town gossip, Nythriel, to find out if any publishers are in town. After a brief exchange, she informs the PC that a publisher has been cavorting around the Winking Skeever, possibly because he has fathered an illegitimate child that now lives at the inn.

Nythriel’s insists the publisher bears a striking resemblance to Minette Vinius, Sorex’s daughter.

Flin Horstad
Taking Nythriel’s advice, the player takes a seat on the stool by the bar. Flin stops by shortly thereafter, complaining that the player took his favorite seat. However, Flin denies Nythriel’s allegations, indicating he simply wants a better view of the women. Flin reveals himself as the author of a book called “The Duke of Beards,” a book that earned him the capital to write what he loves.

After showing Jaspar’s book to Flin, he will tell the player that Jaspar has talent, but his prose is too wordy. While he enjoys the story, Flin tells the PC the author must pare down the manuscript before he will consider publishing the story. Flin also suggests changing the name of the protagonist, at which point the player will have the following options:

– Use their own name as the protagonist.
– Use the name Gromash. If the player has not met Gromash, this option will be replaced by Ghorbash the Iron-Hand.
– Keep the name Bogakh.

Flin will give the player an advance of 500 gold, half of which is for Jaspar. However, the player can choose to keep the entire reward.

– While the quest can progress simply by reading the book, at this point the player must have The Stone Hand in their possession as it must be shown to Flin for him to critique.

Return to Jaspar
Upon returning to Dawnstar, the player has the option of passing on Flin’s critique or belittling his writing. Whether the player is hostile or supportive will determine whether Jaspar attaches his name to the novel.  Regardless of whether the player tells the truth, Jaspar will come to the same conclusion as Flin regarding the prose of the book. Armed with this new knowledge, he sets out to rewrite The Stone Hand.

Upon completion of the novel, Jaspar will thank the player for helping him find his voice. The player has the option of paying Jaspar 0, 100, 250, or 400 gold, as he will be too elated to care if the player shortchanges him. With the quest finished, Jaspar will visit Solitude on the weekends and have several exchanges with Flin.

– The player is asked to return to Jaspar after an extended period of time. This is accomplished through the use of a Hello that is set to play once every 23 hours. The line is attached to a counter, and after 3 hellos, Jaspar will tell the player the novel is complete. As a result, it will take a minimum of 3 days before the player will receive the book.
– Given the player’s input, the novel has 8 different permutations, for the 4 protagonist names and the 2 authors.

The Loudest Whisper (DialogueJasparGaerston)
Stage Information
0 Jaspar’s book is placed at Al’Hassan’s table in Morthal.
1 The quest is set to stage 1 when Jaspar mentions Adonato’s critique.
17 Retrieving the book will set the stage to 17. However, the conditions to advance the quest are having the book in your possession and having done stage 1. Then you can comment on the critique itself.
20 Jaspar asks the player to obtain an honest critique.
25 The player speaks with Nythriel, who mentions a possible publisher hanging out at the Winking Skeever.
27 The PC sits at the stool and waits for Flin to arrive.
30 Meeting Flin, the player asks him to critique Jaspar’s book.
40 Armed with Flin’s suggestions, the player returns to Jaspar in Dawnstar.
50 Jaspar’s asks for time to finish the book.
60 Jaspar, having finished the book, asks the player to deliver it to Flin.
80 Flin agrees to publish the book and provides the player with their reward.
100 Jaspar accepts the reward and thanks the player.

Notes: Stages 50-59 determine the type of book Jaspar will write but are otherwise the same stage. Similarly, stage 61 and 62 are two of the eight books, while the rest are given to the player via fragment scripts. Stages 17, 27, 55, 60, 64, 75, 85, and 99 are set during scenes, dialogue, or when entering a trigger at the appropriate stage.

22 thoughts on “The Loudest Whisper”

  1. I seem to have misplaced the book, and can not find it. I can’t find it in any shelves, so I must’ve sold it to a vendor by mistake. As such I’m unable to let FLin Horstad deliver his critique. What are my options besides scouring every vendor in skyrim?

      1. Just feeding back that xx196232 did not work.

        However, when using console command [help “stone hand”] I was able to find and remove the manuscript with the code xx01652C instead.

        Not sure if therein lies the problem with the script or if this was purely an isolated case, but nonetheless thank you for both the prompt reply and the work you’ve put into this mod.


  2. A dragon attacked Morthal and after I killed it I went after the book, it was on the table but I could not select it. Then I went to speak with Jaspar to see if that would fix it. But when I went back to Morthal the book was nowhere to be found. I tried adding it with the console, but there are many versions of The Stone Hand, and I fear I may break the quest or something. I would really apreciate if you could give me the refid of the book I need to read in order to start the quest.

  3. I have the quest and I have read the Stone Hand. I’m pretty sure I’ve gone through every dialogue option with Jaspar as well, but there is no option to tell him about Adonato’s odd critque.

    1. The condition for the dialogue to show are as follows:

      1. You have a copy of the manuscript.
      2. You are under stage 20 of DialogueJasparGaerston
      3. Stage 1 of Dialogue JasparGaerston has been done. Stage 1 is set by either of the following 2 questions “did you publish it?” or “what was the book about?”

  4. i talked to jaspar randomly while going through dawnstar, then later on i noticed that i had a quest that said to talk to him about his critique, which i didn’t remember getting. i went through all the dialogue options and nothing moved it forward. i had never seen the book before, so i went to morthal to find it, and it wasn’t on the table. i had definitely never been to that table. if i go into a save far enough back the book is there, but its too far back for me to want to do it.

  5. In Loudest Whisper, it says to talk with Jaspar about Aldonato’s critique. The only two options I am given in the dialogue is to ask about Solitude and advice. What do I need to do to advance the quest? Cross posted this under Jaspar Gaerston, so please disregard that one. I also talked with Jaspar first. Perhaps I exhausted all his dialogue? If so is there a reset or workaround?

    1. Do you have the book? More importantly, did you read the book? Script fires upon reading if I’m not mistaken, as opposed to just picking it up.

      That script will check to see if you’ve spoken to Jaspar about the Orc specifically(not just talked to him).

      Similarly, the script attached to the Orc will also check if the book has been read. Any combination of both will set the stage to 15

  6. Took a break from the Loudest Whisper to do Dawnguard. Upgraded to 3.05 but the quest is still stuck. I have the Stone Hand book, have spoken with Grobash, but still no appropriate dialogue. I think I exhausted all possible dialogue with Jaspar before I had the book. Is there a remedy or do I need the quest code and setstage number to advance the quest?

  7. Looking at that video I am pretty sure I messed up quest by talking to Jaspar out of sequence before having the book. Maybe he should have an initial line of dialogue that says, “Don’t speak to me till you have found and read my book”.

    1. the sequence doesn’t matter, both Jaspar and the book have a script that checks for the order you found them. I will test this and make a video later. you can type “Sqv Dialoguejaspargaerston” and check what stage you are on.

      Also, make sure you read the book. Not just picked it up.

    2. here, in this video, i talk to jaspar first, then go grab the book. didn’t run into any problems.

      the wiki is outdated though. The conditions are now having the book on you and doing stage 1. So “setstage Dialoguejaspargaerston 1” and having the book will pop up the quest advancing question.

      what the video doesn’t show are the 2 questions that setstage 1. “Did you publish it?” and “What was the book about?” If you asked these questions, you may not have the most current BSA, dunno.

  8. Just typed in setstage Dialoguejaspargaerston 1 and that did the trick. The dialogue to advance the quest to speak with Nythriel appeared. Thanks!

    1. yeah, might be a product of how the scripts were changed during the “splitting” process. You may have already bypassed the stage 1 setting dialogue before it was implemented.

      best explanation i can come up with, anyway.

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