The Raven of Anvil


The Raven of Anvil
Quest Giver Asteria
Locations Old Hroldan, Markarth
Prerequisites Speak to Orenius, Listen to Dusk on Anvil Harbor
Related Quests None
Enemy Level PC x 1 Class LvlBanditBoss
Quest ID AsteriaQuest Editor ID 02160B36
NPCs Orenius Scilus, Lundvar, Rumarin, Sunken-Roots, Asteria, Sellswords, Nobles
Reward Gold(600), Random Safe Contents

The Raven of Anvil tells the tale of a master thief who assuaged the grief of a Countess with a solemn dirge, only to steal her valuables as she slept. Now the same thief is plying her trade in Skyrim in hopes of pulling the same heist with the Jarl of Markarth.

The Legend of the Raven
The first mention of the Raven of Anvil comes from a retired Penitus Oculatus agent in Dragon Bridge. He reveals that the dastardly thief is in fact his daughter, and he only wishes to see her once more. He mentions a number of traits to help identify her, from her jet black hair to her signature song, Dusk on Anvil Harbor, a dirge meant for all those who saw their husbands, sons, and daughters ship off for war.

Once the player has spoken to Orenius, they can now request the song by name with Asteria in Old Hroldan. This will enable a new dialogue branch where the player can question Asteria on her true identity and her relationship with her father.

– In the original version, Asteria’s dialogue was meant to be navigated like an interrogation, using her facial cues to determine how to proceed. For example, an expression of fear would require the player to use a threatening response to continue the interrogation. However, this was removed once the quest was implemented.
– Asteria’s name was chosen at random, and has no relation to the airship mod of the same name. A change was considered briefly before ultimately deciding as Asteria wasn’t her real name, it didn’t really matter.

The Guardsman
Once the player learns Asteria has no intention of speaking with Orenius, he/she can suggest they work together instead. The bard, still struggling to gain an audience with the Jarl, will ask the player to help her get her name on a list of potential candidates. She makes mention of a guardsman, Lundvar, who may have motivation to betray his brethren and reveal the location of the list, as his brother was killed for investigating corruption in the city.

The player meets Lundvar to discover he is incorruptible. However, in his anger Lundvar inadvertently lets the name Yngvar slip from his lips. The list itself is on Yngvar’s person and names a number of renowned bards, but not Asteria. After pickpocketing the list and returning to Old Hroldan, Asteria makes mention of a new problem. Yngvar’s handwriting is such that only a professional forger will be able to add her name.

– Lundvar, despite being an older NPC, was created specifically with this quest in mind. However, he was fashioned in a way that if a scripter never came, he could still function independently.
– The bards listed on Yngvar’s list includes Skjarn and Fjona.

The Black Marketeers
Asteria mentions a traveling High Elf wearing forged robes, and implies he may know where to find a suitable forger. The High Elf in question is Rumarin, who points the player to an Argonian handwriting expert. However, the forger in question has been kidnapped by bandits near Knifepoint Ridge.


Rumarin and the player rescue the Argonian known as Sunken-Roots, who in his gratitude agrees to forge the document. In order to ensure the document has the proper verisimilitude, he stresses the value of Asteria’s cheap rates and proximity to Markarth as the key selling points as opposed to her voice.

Asteria at Old Hroldan – The entire hold is buzzing about this one. Even better, she’s close, cheap, and she wants to play for the Jarl. This one’s a keeper.

Once the document is received, Sunken-Roots will depart, and Rumarin will no longer automatically follow the player. The Dragonborn is then tasked with placing the document on Yngvar without him noticing.

– Before suggesting they look for Sunken Roots, Rumarin mentions that the robes he wears were fashioned by a Nord blacksmith, the one responsible for manufacturing curved swords for Al’Hassan.
– The bandits kidnapped Sunken Roots to forge bounty letters that targeted Raynes. The letters in question can be found on a table inside Knifepoint Mine.
– Sunken Roots will travel to the Braidwood Inn upon completion of this section of the quest.
– Returning to Asteria at this point will not advance the quest, but she will offer an additional line of conversation to direct the player to Yngvar.

Return to Old Hroldan
After depositing the list on Yngvar, the player returns to Old Hroldan and finds Asteria in one of the adjacent rooms, leaning over a treasure chest. Asteria is dressed in Thieves Guild armor, but immediately changes back to her peasant garments, telling the player she had been scouting the location.

Asteria then follows the player as they travel to Markarth. On the way, a courier intercepts them with a note informing her she has been chosen. Asteria then heads off by herself to the Silver-Blood Inn. There, she shares the story of the Countess of Anvil, and the reality behind the legend.

– Any mod that alters Old Hroldan may break the quest at this point. In versions 2.42 and after, an additional script and unvoiced line of dialogue has been added to advance the stage manually as opposed to an invisible trigger box.

Dusk on The Reach
Asteria informs the Dragonborn she will perform for the Jarl of Markarth between 3pm and 5pm. If the player enters at this time, they will find her in the middle of her performance, playing Ragnar the Red. As planned, she then plays Mogo’s Mead, a cue to the player that Dusk on Anvil Harbor will be next. At this point it’s likely the player, in preparation for entering the Jarl’s quarters, will completely miss out on Asteria’s final words.

While she is still entrenched in her bard persona, Asteria displays a final act of bravado by informing the crowd and the Jarl that she is actually from Anvil, and not Bravil as her birth certificate implies. This also has the advantage of drawing further attention while her accomplice slips by unnoticed. The player cracks the safe and discovers Asteria’s true aim, a document that identifies her and invalidates her forged birth certificate.

– The safe also contains a letter that tells the fate of Asteria’s father, Orenius, as well as the real name of the Raven of Anvil.
– Sleeping in the bed may not progress the stage from 79 to 80 if another mod has altered the bed at the Silver-Blood Inn.

The Raven Departs
Returning to Old Hroldan, the Dragonborn finds the inn is empty. Eydis the innkeeper tells him/her that Asteria just left. In fact, the player finds her waiting at the door, and she quickly snatches the document revealing her identity before saying goodbye.


– If the player kills the Jarl’s mercenaries, Asteria will make mention of it later. An additional dialogue option is also available if the player reads the document about Orenius.
– Completing the Raven of Anvil will activate Efram and the Songstress, who move back and forth between Old Hroldan and the Cornerclub. They were created to allow Kelly Camelio’s singing to remain in the mod.

The Raven of Anvil (Asteriaquest)
Stage Information
0 Speaking to Orenius Scilus then listening to Dusk on Anvil Harbor will enable the quest dialogue.
10 Asteria provides Lundvar’s letter and an advance of 300 gold.
15 Lundvar takes the letter and mentions Yngvar. Orenius is disabled.
30 Player steals the list from Yngvar.
40 Asteria tells the PC to find Rumarin.
41 Rumarin is set as a teammate and essential, Sunken-Roots is enabled.
46 Sunken-Roots is rescued.
50 The list is forged, and the PC must now slip it back on Yngvar’s person. Rumarin is removed and no longer essential.
60 List is in Yngvar’s possession. Asteria dons thief armor.
70 Player finds Asteria. She dons peasant garb and greets player.
75 Letter is deposited in the courier. Asteria follows the player.
76 Letter is delivered.
77 Asteria asks the PC to meet at the Silver-Blood Inn. Safe and ingots are enabled in the Jarl’s quarters.
78 Safe and ingots are enabled in the Jarl’s quarters. Player told to spend the night..
79 Conversation with Asteria finished, preps the bed for stage 80. The bed only works at stage 79 to prevent player from setting stage prior to conversation with Asteria.
80 The player sleeps in the bed at the Silver-Blood Inn.
85 Asteria plays before the Jarl.
90 The player steals the documents and must flee Understone Keep.
95 After fleeing Markarth, the PC finds Asteria is missing. Eydis, the innkeeper, indicates she just left.
97 Raven greets the player outside Old Hroldan.
100 Raven departs and Efram and the Songstress are enabled.

Notes: Stages 20, 35, 45, 47, 48, 49, 79, 86, 87, and 90  are set during scenes or when entering a trigger at the appropriate stage.

22 thoughts on “The Raven of Anvil”

  1. Having a problem with this mission. Asteria gave me the letter but made no mention of her father. When I tried to give the letter to the guard their was no option to do so.

    1. Both of these kind of relate to how the mod was developed. Dialogue pertaining to Asteria’s father and Lundvar’s brother were recorded prior to me learning how to script, and thus are accessed through the original dialogue as opposed to the quest dialogue, which is stacked on top.

      With Asteria, so long as you got Orenius to admit he’s her father(stage 10 of DialogueOrenius), you can tell her “You misunderstand me. I came here on behalf of your father.” which leads to further dialogue/information as to why they’re estranged.

      Now, for the quest. For Lundvar, you need to talk to him first. Knowing how his brother died will give you a better understanding of what the letter aims to do. Once he tells you the story of his brother, you can ask him about Wuuthmar and give him the letter.

      1. With Lundvar I’ve gone though every conversation option and read the letter. The opinion to hand him the letter never seems to come up. I’ll give it another go.

        1. ah, i see, it might be the dialogue overhaul might’ve screwed with this like it did with way of the nine.

          the topic is conditioned to stage 5, and you might be on stage 6. It’ll appear after you ask “how did your brother die?” but will disappear if you ask “Your brother took on a horde of Forsworn by himself?”

          will fix so it remains if you’re on stage 5 or higher.

        2. for now, I suggest asking him “how did your brother die?” then immediately asking him “Where is Wuuthmar now?” So long as you’re at stage 5 of dialoguelundvar and stage 10 of asteriaquest, the topic will show up.

        3. The option to ask how his brother died no longer appears and I don’t have a earlier save I can go back to. Is their anyway to reset his dialogue?

          The only options I have in the dialogue right now are

          How did the invasion end?

          tell me about your brother

          how did you lose your eye?

          I’m curious about your uniform

  2. I enjoyed this, great little story with a fun set of missions. I automatically enjoy anything that doesn’t have me trudging through another dungeon but this was great. Kelly is really talented, both with the dialogue and the singing. ‘Dusk on Anvil Harbor’ is a seriously good song, Arisen did a really good job. It obviously wouldn’t make sense to make her a follower considering the quest’s ending but a character with a similar voice and personality to Asteria would be nice. Is Kelly still recording stuff for the mod?

    1. She’s really busy these days, I’m still waiting for a few tavern scenes for Olivia, but I’m sure she’ll get to them in time. Just one of those things where often times talented people tend to not be available. But I’m willing to wait.

  3. The armor she’s wearing after completing the quest is pretty good. However, as she is unavailable for pickpocketing, the only way to get it is to kill her…..

  4. I have a bug. Rumarin won’t leave me alone after receiving the document from his friends. Please, tell me I can fix that. I’m realy don’t want to replay several hours again.
    P.S. I have no mods for followers. No AFT or anything.

    1. I’m not clear what part of the quest you’re on, but Rumarin leaves right after the scene with Sunken-Roots. When Sunken-Roots says “Alright, there we have it, a perfect forgery.” It sets “AsteriaQuest” to stage 50.

      As noted in the chart above, and in this picture, Rumarin stop following the moment the stage hits 50. You can check your current stage with the console code “sqv Asteriaquest”

      Lastly, here is video proof the scene works flawlessly.

      Are you sure you didn’t start another quest, like Sleeping Giant? Or recruit him manually? Because there’s nothing to fix.

  5. Raven/Ophelia/Asteria told me that I killed the mercenaries, even though I didn’t. I used an invisibility potion and didn’t harm anyone (I am a benevolent character, I didn’t have any problem with this quest because, considering who the Silver-Bloods are, robbing them (Thongvor is the Jarl in my game) isn’t much of a quandary, even if Thongvor was unaware of Thonar’s scheme). However, there was some commotion and battle taunt dialogue in the Understone Keep when I left – is it possible that they’ve noticed me for a moment, and the Stormcloak Guards of the Keep had rushed in to my defense? Still, I’ve escaped very quickly, I would think that there wasn’t enough time for the mercenaries to be killed before they are disabled (or how does the coding that checks whether you’ve killed them work)?

    1. Coding’s simple. If one of the mercs is dead, she’ll make mention of it. Doesn’t matter who killed them as a body’s a body.

      The mercs are hostile toward you only, and disable the moment you exit the keep. I suppose it’s possible if you have a strong ally in the keep they may initiate combat with the mercs, the same way a follower would blow your cover when you’re sneaking in a dungeon by charging on ahead.

      I don’t think the guards would do anything – when testing, I’d initiate combat on purpose and everyone else would just stand around and watch. I think it’d have to be someone who favored you, like the steward or someone. Maybe you can check by initiating combat and seeing who joins in. In the meantime, I might put in some combat overrides for the steward just in case it’s him(there’s that potion of the stallion thing that might make him favor you).

      1. No, it was not Raerek the Steward (I have already conquered the hold for the Stormcloaks, so he was in the Blue Palace basement when the broohaha was happening). And I didn’t have a follower at this time.

        And when I ran away, I distinctly remember a guard taking out his bow and shouting a taunt, despite me not attacking anyone while running out of the keep. They were Stormcloak guards, though I don’t think that should matter.

        I guess I could accidentally strike someone, even though this is very unlikely.

        Anyway, let’s conclude that, paraphrasing a Caravan Khajiit phrase, “the internal coding of Skyrim leads to many dangers”, and move on.

        1. Well, I can make them allies of the guard instead of “neutral.” This could have the opposite effect and make the guard hostile to you though, I’ll have to test it out.

      2. Seems to work well. They defend the Mercs, which they should as they’re the Jarl’s men. They aren’t hostile toward you unless you engage the mercs, which my follower did, and upon exiting, simply sheathing my weapon calmed them.

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