The Sleeping Giant


The Sleeping Giant
Quest Giver Rumarin
Locations Whiterun, Folgunthur Exterior, Falkreath, Morthal
Prerequisites Met Fjona, Cleared Moss Mother Cavern, No Followers, Blood of Kings Questline Not Running
Related Quests Blood of Kings Questline
Enemy Level Giant (Lvl: 64) Class EncClassBanditMelee
Quest ID RumarinQuest2 Editor ID 02185B23
NPCs Rumarin, Anum-La, Jonas, Ingarte, Fjona, Alendriel
Reward Alendriel

The Sleeping Giant is the story of a ragtag band of adventurers who attempt to steal a great treasure guarded by a mythical Giant.

Rumarin’s Suggestion
If the prerequisites are met, the player will have the option of asking Rumarin where he thinks the pair should go next. Rumarin will tell the player about a Sleeping Giant rumored to be in possession of a great boon. According to the Elf, the Giant can be put to sleep by a bard’s lullaby. However, he suggests the pair recruit both a singer and a swordsman in the event the trick fails.

– The halfwit Rumarin refers to is Hjoromir. As such, having Hjoromir in your party is a hidden prerequisite that will prevent the quest from starting.

The Singer and the Swordsman
After speaking to Rumarin, the player will be directed to two places, the Moorside Inn and the Hall of Jorrvaskr. Outside Jorrvaskr, the pair stumble upon Fjona, who has shed her heavy armor and is once more practicing her archery as she did before she first joined the Companions.

Traveling to Morthal will introduce the player to Jonas Giant-Bane, an adventurer who claims to have slain numerous Giants in his lifetime. However, it is quickly revealed that Jonas is not who he claims, at which point the group is directed to Anum-La. 

– The puny Giant Rumarin mentions is Bergrisar.
– To get the objective about Fjona, the player must ask Rumarin about the bard. The question is a separate, top-level dialogue tree from the original quest starting conversation.
– The order in which the player recruits the singer and swordsman is irrelevant.
– Players who have previously met Anum-La may erroneously go to her directly instead of speaking with Jonas first.
– Fjona’s Familiar is disabled at this point of the quest.

The Sleeping Princess
After agreeing upon their roles, the foursome travel to Moss Mother Cavern in order to retrieve the boon. Toward the rear of the cave they find the giant bathing in the lake. However, Fjona’s music only seems to anger it, at which point the four are forced to fight it.

Upon slaying the Giant, the player swims to the bottom of the lake and finds the corpse of a Wood Elf along with a ring. Upon returning to the group, Rumarin reveals the true nature of the legend – that the boon is in fact a princess, and the one who rescues her becomes her betrothed.

Rumarin’s suspicions are proven correct when Alendriel rise from the lake and greets the foursome. After some confusion, the group departs the cave no richer but no worse for wear.

– If the player is married to Rumarin, he will claim Fjona was the one who retrieved the ring.

The Sleeping Giant (Rumarinquest2)
Stage Information
0 Speaking to Rumarin starts the quest.
10 Jonas is enabled, Fjona is given new gear and moved to Whiterun.
15 Fjona’s Familiar is disabled to prevent the two from meeting.
25 With the group assembled, the Giant is enabled as is Alendriel’s coffin and corpse.
40 Hostile Spriggans are disabled. Scene starts upon entry into Moss Mother Cavern.
50 Giant is encountered. Fjona plays her lullaby.
60 Giant is made aggressive.
70 Killing the Giant activates this stage, and scene prompting player to retrieve the boon.
75 Player objective displayed to find the treasure.
80 Wedding ring retrieved. Alendriel enabled and scene starts.
90 Alendriel forcegreets player.
95 Group is removed from follower faction and departs. Final scene between Rumarin, Anum-La, and Fjona.
100 Quest completes. Alendriel remains in Moss Mother Cavern.

Notes: Stages 13 and 20 are set during scenes or when entering a trigger at the appropriate stage.

36 thoughts on “The Sleeping Giant”

  1. For some reason Anum-La keeps following me after the quest even though she was not marked as a follower to begin with. Is there any way to get rid of her?

    1. It could be related to a follower mod, but she’s set up correctly – she’s dismissed automatically during the scene after the Giant is slain.

      The only other mod related reason for her following is if you A)recruited her, or B)started her personal quest. If she’s following via the follower system, just dismiss her. If it’s part of the quest, just finish the quest. Any other reason would be related to a conflict with a follower mod. In that case, kill/resurrect or something like that will reset her AI and boot her from whatever follower mod alias she’s stuck in.

    1. he should still follow you as part of the quest, but now that I think about it perhaps not if he’s married to you. I’ll change the priority of the quest to be higher than marriage.

  2. I dont have the dialog option for rumarin even though I have met all the prerequisites. I really want to start this quest, but I cant.

    1. The option appears if you’ve

      1)talked to Fjona
      2) cleared Moss Mother Cavern
      3) Are nowhere near Anum-La or Hjoromir, Fjona, or Riverwood
      4) Are not doing the blood of kings questline – if you are, you have to wait until it’s over.

    2. Well, the question may not be obvious, it’s “Where do you think we should go next?”

      It can also be blocked by the question “Any questions now that we have time to relax?” if you haven’t started Spell for Rumarin.

      the only thing I can think of other than that is if Valdr died or something so you didn’t complete stage 60 of dunMossMotherQST, which is “Return to Valdr.” I can change the requirement to stage 50 which is killing the Spriggans or whatever.

      1. valdr is alive,ive finished his quest ages ago. Even after clearing moss mother cavern again, Rumarin doesnt seem to notice.A spell for Rumarin is completed.

  3. Rumarin is a fantastic character. I enjoy very much having him around and listening to all the funny lines he throws at me. He cracks me up! I just finished the Sleeping Giant quest with Rumarin, Fjona the bard and Anum-la. It’s completed in my quest list and Fjona and Anum-la went their merry way, but Rumarin still has the line as to where to go next in his dialogue box. If I click on that line, he repeats all the other lines related to the Sleeping Giant quest like hire a bard and a swordsman, etc. as if the quest is unfinished. Your help and suggestions would be appreciated. TIA.

      1. I had this happen today. I did the Sleeping Giant quest all the way through and the “Where do you want to go?” option was gone (as it should be)- and then, after many hours, suddenly it was back. Rumarin did the initial setup speech, but nothing showed up on the map or under Quests. I’m using 3.04 without the weekly updates.

  4. It seems I can’t get Anum-la to follow me. After she has accepted to come kill the giant, she speaks with Rumarin and then goes back to lean against the tree and stays there. I don’t have any follower mod apart from “FollowerWander” which didn’t give me any problem during the Darkened Steel questline, I still have tried disabling it, to no avail.
    Any clue?
    In the meantime I’ll try to hire Fjona first to see if that changes something
    Thank you

    1. Have you tried recruiting her as a normal follower? I think that’s how you’re supposed to go about it since Rumarin auto-follows. In any case, I’ll add a failsafe follow package in case.

  5. I’ve tried recruiting her as a normal follower, it still won’t work. 3dnpcfollowercount updates correctly, I get all the follower-specific dialogue, but still, she doesn’t move from the tree. If I fus-ro-dah her, she gets up and then stays where she has landed. She seems incapable of moving.

    1. Try the update I’m going to upload in an hour or so. I added a failsafe package that should override everything. Just go back to a save before Rumarin talks to her, or just “Setstage rumarinquest2 14”

      The failsafe I’m adding is stage 14 for Anum-La, stage 12 for Fjona. if this stage is done, they’ll follow.

      Again this will be in the 3.04.2 which I should be uploading shortly.

      EDIT: rumarinquest2 is the quest code, sorry, not “rumarinquest” which is “spell for rumarin”


    Loved it! Loved the plot. Loved the fact that it was a bust (thank you for not putting in a chest). Really loved the interactions between the NPCs- and want to see more. I realize it’s a lot of work but still…

    There were a few things that were different from the descriptions on this page. It’s not a big deal, but I figured you’d want to know. I’m using 3.04 without the weekly updates.

    1. I had Hjoromir as a follower when Rumarin started the quest. I don’t remember the “idiot” comment, but I might have missed it. Followers were: Hjoromir, Rumarin, Lydia, Meeko, Barbas.

    2. There was a spriggan in the cave before you get to the pond. I didn’t check the rest of the place out of fear that Alendriel would try to marry Lydia (who would feel obliged to do so since I didn’t).

    3. Fjona is missing a voiced line (although the text is there). After Rumarin foists Alendriel off on her, Fjona foists Alendriel onto the PC.

    Favorite line: “Maybe I’ll just kill everyone you know.” ;)

    So thanks! I’m off again- and I have my two favorite snarky followers, the idiot, and Lydia, who I assume is getting eye strain from rolling her eyes constantly.


    1. 1. It’s possible Hjoromir was standing more than 1024 units away at the time. That’s all it takes – while it’s a significant distance, it’s not so far that it’d be impossible.
      2. Yeah, I think I left the early animals, including the 1st spriggan, since they aren’t technically in the way. Did it cause problems? I imagine it could if you ran to the pond and were still fighting.
      3. Was it one of these lines?

      I-I…no, this is all a mistake!
      It was her! (I’m assuming your PC is female)

      Both files check out as being there, so maybe it’s a different line.

      EDIT: Also, glad you liked it. This one was fun to write because of the characters involved.

      1. 1. Now that I think about it, Hjoromir disappeared for a bit and I had to summon him back. The quest might have started while he was gone. I keep having problems with certain NPCs un-following themselves and vanishing- I’m sure it’s a problem with my setup.

        2. The spriggan isn’t in the way at all. It/she? is at the log bridge over the trench you have to walk through. It attacks before you even hit the trench, so it’s dead long before you find the giant.

        3. I went back and ran through the scenario again. It was Alendriel’s line that was visible on the screen, but not voiced. Here’s the section:

        Rumarin: It was her! She did it! You marry her!
        Alendriel: I see. Then you are my love, wed by the Divines… (etc)
        Fjona: I-I, no, this is all a mistake. It wasn’t me; it was her! (Yes, I have a female PC)

        It is certainly possible that my mucking around with mods is causing this problem- especially if no one else has reported it.

        1. Thanks, I’ll just copy over Alendriel’s line from if you aren’t married to Rumarin, it’s pretty much the same (I’m not sure why it’s different, to be honest). Will add it to the next update.

  7. The quest is absolutely amazing, however, I had a few issues
    – My journal didn’t have an objective to recruit Fjona (I don’t mind a lack of quest arrows, but the lack of objective in the journal is less nice)
    – I did Amun-La and Fjona out of order, resulting in a weird situation where the forced follow script just spawned Amun-La in Jorrvaskr’s training grounds.
    – The hostile spriggan at the entrance of Moss Mother still respawns.

    1. 1. Talking to Rumarin brings up the objective for Fjona. You ask him about a bard.
      2. There is no order. You can do either first. Perhaps you can explain what order you did it, and what seemed out of place, because it’s designed to work either way. Anum-La should only show up in Jorrvaskr if you’ve recruited her first.
      3. I tried to limit the amount of vanilla things I touch. That Spriggan was intentionally left behind as it was early in the cavern. Did it cause any problems?

  8. After Alendriel’s dialogue with me, Fjona turns hostile and starts attacking me. Anum La and Rumarin proceed to start slapping her to death with their swords while Alendriel runs off to a corner of the cave; when Fjona gets up from her downed state she continues attacking me and the quest never completes, or begins the next stage.

    The follower mods I am running are Simple Multiple Followers and My Home is Your Home, could that have something to do with this? I’m not sure what the problem is here.

    1. Likely you friendly fired her enough to make her aggro. The second the quest ended and she was removed from your faction, she went hostile. I can add scripts to drop all their aggro upon quest completion.

    2. You might be able to raise her relationship rank prior to that stage where she’s removed from your faction. I’ll boost it as well via a script so that she doesn’t react negatively to friendly fire. Rumarin and Anum-La are already boosted.

  9. Funny ending. Felt like there should have been more to Alendriel, though. Maybe a later update to iNPC could add a funky follow up quest (or two) that explains her part spriggan (I was browsing through the console) and possible … not cure, but a way for her to leave the cavern (ie follower). More awkward scenes with Anum-La, Fjona, and Rumarin sound fun.

  10. After the scene with Alendriel, Rumarin did not take the ring from me. No dialogue options for either Alendriel or Rumarin. The quest remains unfinished. Any suggestions?

    1. you can type “sqv rumarinquest2” to check what stage you are on. If you accidentally tabbed out of Alendriel’s dialogue at stage 90, waiting 2 hours will return it. I can reduce the wait time on that. If you’re on stage 80, rumarin’s reset timer is 4 hours. It’s just there to make sure it doesn’t fire twice.

      If you’re on a different stage, then perhaps this breakdown will help you.

      The scene where Alendriel makes her appearance starts at stage 80, after you retrieve the ring and talk to Rumarin. At the end of the scene Anum-la will say something like “Yup, it was you who retrieved the ring” which sets the stage to 90. If this scene is not going all the way through, I need to know the exact line.

      Alendriel will then forcegreet. Her dialogue “So my spouse, shall we reside here, or is there another cave that we will call home?” leads to a number of replies, all of which set to stage 95, kick you out of the dialogue and starts a final scene between Rumarin, Anum-La, and Fjona.

      1. Thank you for the reply, Kris. That’s probably what happened. I’ve seen all the dialogues you mentioned, except for the final scene. This was a fun quest, thank you. :)

        (In case anyone else has this issue, I used “setstage rumarinquest2 100” to finish the quest manually.)

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