The Teleportation Machine


The Teleportation Machine
Quest Giver Kleppr, Courier, Aldi
Locations Gloomreach, Stonehills, Alftand
Prerequisites Spoken to Two-Tails
Related Quests Relic’s Revival
Enemy Level PC x 1 (Max: 50) Class CombatMonk, Citizen
Quest ID Aldiquest Editor ID XX18BAC1
NPCs Aldi, Camaron, Scotti, Two-Tails, Relic
Reward 1000 Gold or Disabled Dwarven Spoon

The Teleportation Machine takes the player on a journey with two rival explorers to find the cause of the Dwemer disappearance.

Aldi the Explorer
Kleppr in the Silver-Blood Inn will facilitate the start of this quest by directing the PC to the Reachwind Eyrie. Once you return, he will provide and additional note from Aldi that informs the player that she has begun an expedition in Gloomreach, one that will pay handsomely.

Deep in the hive, the player finds Aldi leaning over a railing staring into a deep chasm. Beside her is her former bodyguard. As he is dead, Aldi offers the player the recently opened position, and requests they search the cave for clues regarding a Dwemer artifact.

– Aldi’s character is a parody of the fast-talking women in the Golden Age of film, particularly Katharine Hepburn, with bits taken from Jennifer Jason Leigh’s parody of the same in The Hudsucker Proxy.

Camaron’s Note
Searching the cavern, the player finds a note from Aldi’s chief rival, Camaron. The note indicates that the real location of the Dwemer artifact is in Mzinchaleft. However, Aldi reveals that the artifact is just one of two pieces needed to power an ancient device. She asks the player to find the other in Blackreach.

Eventually, the player will find their way to the War Quarters where the lexicon and the NPC Relic can be found.

– A mention of the lexicon was added on to Relic’s dialogue after the completion of this quest.

Confrontation at Stonehills
With the lexicon retrieved, the player travels to Stonehills to find Aldi in a confrontation with Camaron. Aldi begrudgingly accepts that the device cannot be activated without Camaron’s attunement sphere and Aldi’s lexicon, and tries to reconcile, but Camaron refuses and marches on ahead to Alftand.

There, the explorers are attacked by Falmer outside the entrance to the lift. After narrowly surviving, Camaron finally agrees to work with Aldi.

– Aldi makes multiple references to Scotti throughout the quest, clad in Dwarven armor. In addition to being Argonian, Scotti fights with only his fists, a small indicator of his true identity.
– After vanquishing the Falmer, the entrance to the lift may be open or closed depending on the player’s previous behavior. To account for both scenarios, the lever is pulled after Camaron and Aldi’s scene is over. This gives ample time for the player to enter the lift if the door is open, while at the same time eventually opening the door if the lift is closed. While there may be a way to check if the lift door is open, such scripting is beyond the knowledge of the author at this time.
– The console command “COC Alftandexterior02” will teleport the PC inside the lift

The Teleportation Machine
Once inside the hidden chamber, Camaron and Aldi rush forward to get a look at the device. Camaron instructs Scotti to place the sphere and lexicon into the control panel as she bonds with Aldi over their discovery.

However, their joy proves to be short-lived when Scotti removes his helmet and reveals himself as the Dwarvenborn, the one true savior of Skyrim. Using his machine hand, he disables the control panel and renders the teleportation machine inert. Camaron rushes to the control panel and finds the buttons are stuck, but it is unclear if the machine was already damaged given its age.

Two-Tails proceeds to accuse Camaron and Aldi of aiding the Dwarven king Mzanauch, and attacks the two explorers. The player must then decide who to aid.

– If Camaron is attacked first, she will drop to a knee but remain essential. However, she will not recover during combat, and she will die automatically if and when Aldi is killed. This is to avoid a scenario where Camaron and Two-Tails die but Aldi lives.
– Two-Tails’ initial singing may get drowned out by Aldi and Camaron depending on where the PC is standing.

The Teleportation Machine (Aldiquest)
Stage Information
0 Speaking to Two-Tails starts the quest and sets to stage 5.
5 Aldi’s letter arrives via courier or from Kleppr, Aldi is enabled as is the the Falmer corpse.
10 Player agrees to help Aldi, she joins as teammate.
20 Camaron’s Note is picked up by the player.
30 Note is given to Aldi. She points player to Blackreach, chest containing lexicon is enabled.
40 Lexicon is retrieved, Aldi and Camaron moved to Stonehills. Two-Tails disabled.
50 Player hits trigger box in Stonehills, starts scene between Aldi and Camaron.
60 Lexicon removed from inventory, Aldi set as teammate, lever in Alftand lift enabled.
80 Player hits trigger box outside Alftand lift, moves Scotti, Camaron, and Aldi to location if they aren’t already there. Enables Falmer assailants.
90 Scene between Aldi and Camaron. Aldi removed as teammate. All three NPCs head toward lift.
100 Lever pulled either closing or opening door to the lift. This is a failsafe in the event the lift door was closed.
110 Lever pulled, player and NPCs are teleported inside. Scene starts as Aldi, Scotti and Camaron run forward.
120 Scotti is disabled, Two-Tails is enabled and moved in front of the control panel. Scene starts.
150 NPCs are turned aggressive and forced to start combat. Essential tags are removed from Aldi and Two-Tails as well as associations with the player. Camaron remains essential but is set to not recover from bleedout.
160 Aldi is killed, which removes Camaron’s essential status.
165 Two-Tails lives, Camaron is set to recover from bleedout.
170 Scene between Aldi and Camaron.
180 Aldi hands player reward. Two-Tails reward is done via a separate script tied to the dialogue.
200 Quest is complete.

Notes: Stages 70, 115, 130, and 140 are set during scenes or when entering a trigger at the appropriate stage.

2 thoughts on “The Teleportation Machine”

  1. Since doing this quest the game thinks I have a follower, even though I don’t, and I can’t get anyone else to follow me. I’ve tried the console command to set it to 0, but with no luck. Any other ideas? :(

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