The Way of the Nine


The Way of the Nine
Quest Giver S’vashni
Locations Peakshade Tower, Skyshadow Crypt, Forest near Weynon Stones
Prerequisites None
Related Quests Glathriel’s Bow, Vigilance and Virtue
Enemy Level PC x 1, Svashni PC x 1.25, Garrett PC x 1.5 Class Combat Assassin, CombatWarrior1H,
Quest ID Svashniquest Editor ID XX14E08B
NPCs S’vashni, Garrett, Pilgrim, Glathriel, Orondil, Puck, Elenthil, Amalee, Viranya, Vaughn, Vahlokmir, Lleyara,
Reward S’vashni – 1000 gold(Upon promising to deliver Garrett)
Garrett – Blades of the Nine Sword Technique, Hanegiri, Tategatana

The Way of the Nine is a tale about a pupil and her teacher, and a master sword technique passed from one to the other upon death. However, in the case of S’vashni, slaying the master taught her nothing, and now she seeks to uncover the elusive stance by any means necessary, even if it means hunting her mentor beyond the grave.

The Way and The Nine
After meeting S’vashni at Peakshade Tower, the player learns she is master of a dual sword technique called The Way of the Nine. It encompasses nine separate sword techniques, each inspired by a different divinity. She will go into detail regarding the stances and their various styles, but will also reveal that she has only mastered eight of the stances. This is due to the fact that the Stance of Arkay is taught via a duel between master and pupil, with their lives hanging on the precipice of life and death.

Skyshadow Crypt
Upon learning how S’vashni killed her master, Skyshadow Crypt will be unlocked. The barrow is located in the mountains along the southern edge of the Rift, southwest of Stendarr’s Beacon. The exterior is of Nordic origin, but the interior is influenced by Akaviri architecture. This is loosely based on the Hagia Sophia, where the design of an ancient site often hinged on the region’s most recent conqueror.


The PC enters the crypt to find a number of ghosts on the brink of death, slain by the Khajiit who stands at the altar behind them. A pilgrim scolds her for her blasphemy, but S’vashni only mocks him. After a brief conversation, the player follows the pilgrim to the rear of the temple, where he suddenly collapses. In his place, a ghostly visage by the name of Garrett appears. He reveals himself to be S’vashni’s former mentor.

The Blessings of the Eight
Garrett tells the Dragonborn that he wishes to vanquish S’vashni and pass on the Stance of Arkay. However, without the time for proper training, Garrett informs the PC that he/she must borrow the spiritual strength of 8 pilgrims, each representing a different Divine.

Divine NPC Location Requirement
Stendarr Viranya Stendarr’s Beacon Defeat a vampire ambush
Julianos Orondil Thalmor Headquarters in Solitude Lead Orondil to the Thalmor Embassy
Kynareth Glathriel Camp East of Evergreen Grove Retrieve Glathriel’s Bow at the Roadside Ruins
Talos Puck Windhelm Docks None
Mara Elenthil Temple of Mara None
Dibella Amalee Eldergleam Sanctuary None
Akatosh Vahlokmir Mountains Overlooking of Angi’s Camp Speak to Lleyara
Zenithar Vaughn Solitude Winking Skeever 200, 1200, or 1500 gold

– Upon receiving all eight blessings, the quest Vigilance and Virtue will be unlocked.
– One bonfire will be lit at Skyshadow Crypt for each Divine that blesses the player.

The Pupil or The Master
After receiving all 8 blessings, the player will return to Skyshadow Crypt to find S’vashni outside the entrance. She tells the player she noticed the bonfires were lit, and believes Garrett has returned to challenge her. Before departing, she tells the player she will be waiting in the forests near the Weynon Stones, in a place similar to their previous duel.

The player then has the option of betraying Garrett or undergoing the ritual as intended. Doing so will result in Garrett summoning eight ghosts to test the player’s mettle.

– The Blades of the Nine originally provided Dual Flurry(Magnitude 1.35), Fortify One-Handed, and the Reflect Blows(Magnitude 1.35) perks. It was later altered to boosting One-Handed by 75%.
– In order to receive the reward from S’vashni, the player must tell her directly they wish to aid her. Choosing a separate option but betraying Garrett will not net a reward.
– Both during the ritual and when siding with S’vashni, originally all 8 ghosts spawned at once. However, in versions after 2.38, they will now spawn in pairs.
– In the ritual, Garrett represents the Ninth Divine, and will fight alongside the ghosts but cannot be killed. When the 8th ghost falls, he will immediately stop combat and his aggression will drop to zero.

The Final Duel
Depending on the player’s choice, S’vashni will either meet Garrett for one last duel, or engage the player in combat after a brief conversation. If the player sides with Garrett, they will receive a larger monetary reward, including two unique katanas, but a fairly boilerplate story.


Siding with S’vashni will result in a confrontation between master and pupil, but with an ending that mirrors their previous duel. Once again she will finish off Garrett but will ultimately fail to learn the Stance of Arkay. For all her arrogance, she is left looking pitiful in the end, fumbling about in the snow. The player leaves her pawing at the ground, trying to make sense of the tracks as the storm fills them in.

– S’vashni will search endlessly in the forest until the player hits a trigger box in Whiterun, which will permanently disable her. It is unknown what happened to her.
– The lack of physical rewards for siding with S’vashni are the result of her character type and the tragic ending.
– “The Drums of Arkay” is an original instrumental composed by Giramor.

The Way of the Nine (SvashniQuest)
Stage Information
1 S’vashni tells the player the story of her master’s demise, Skyshadow Crypt door is unlocked.
15 PC sees S’vashni arguing with a Pilgrim.
25 The Pilgrim leads the PC to the rear, where he suddenly dies. In his place arrives Garrett, S’vashni’s master.
30 Garret requests the player retrieve 8 blessings for a ritual to pass on the Stance of Arkay.
40 The player receives all 8 blessings.
45 The PC returns to Skyshadow Crypt.
50 S’vashni gives the PC the option of betraying Garrett.
55 The player undergoes the ritual, siding with Garrett.
60 The 8 ghosts are called for the ritual.
70 The ghosts are vanquished, and the ritual is complete. The PC can now summon the power of the Way of the Nine.
75 The PC confronts S’vashni.
80 Triggered if the player sides with S’vashni. The player tells Garrett the ritual should be performed in the forests west of the Weynon Stones.
90 Player delivers Garrett to the duel.
95 S’vashni and the PC vanquish all nine ghosts.
100 The PC kills S’vashni.
110 Garrett thanks the player and says goodbye.
200 S’vashni vanquishes her master but fails to learn the technique.

Notes: Stages 5, 10, 20, 35, 65, 85, 86, 91 are set during scenes, dialogue, or when entering a trigger at the appropriate stage.

110 thoughts on “The Way of the Nine”

  1. *Spoilers for Way of the Nine, I guess*

    Is it intentional that Svashni’s unique katana’s do very little damage but have very high values? I just finished that quest, and their damage is listed as 15 and 9, though both are valued at 750. This could be a conflict with my Skyrim Redone, but I figured I’d ask/let you guys know.

    1. If i recall correctly, the standard damage is 11. So 15 is significantly higher. The 9 damage sword is much lighter and faster than the average katana. Critical hit percentage may also be higher on both.

  2. It was a good quest, but that theme. The ‘drums of arkay’ Any chance I can get a DL link on that?

    I never felt so alive, it made the duel with S’vashni so much more better.

    1. glad you like it, it was composed by giramor so he gets all the credit. for now, the theme can be played from this site, but I’ll probably release a soundtrack when the mod is finished.

  3. Is there any hope that Puck will be voiced soon? I’m walking around him for almost a month without talking to him, because I incautiously started this quest without checking that it isn’t fully voiced. :( Also I had a problem with “naked” giant mannequins in the temple, but I guess that was caused by game bug.

  4. Is there any hope that Puck will be voiced soon? I’m walking around him for almost a month without talking to him, because I incautiously started this quest without checking that it isn’t fully voiced. :(
    Also I had a problem with “naked” giant mannequins in the temple, but I guess that was caused by game bug.

  5. Oh I almost forgot to ask. That power that is added, way of the nine or whatever it is..Was it only meant to be used during that one session in the final fight? Its still in my spellbook but, nothing ever happens when I use it.

  6. When I did this quest I was prompted to go back to Skyshadow Crypt after receiving only 7 of the 8 blessings. I nevertheless tried to get the 8th, which was Stendarr’s, but I was unable to–Viranya wouldn’t say anything to me other than that I was diseased and she could cure me (I was not diseased). Eventually I gave up and returned to Skyshadow, where the quest advanced normally and I got the fight with the ghosts. I’m not sure whether this was a problem caused by getting the blessings in a weird order, or what.

    1. It’s possible you inadvertently got a blessing twice from someone that fudged up the count. The disease thing is just general dialogue that is based on vanilla conditions.

    2. A solution would be “set Svashni8count to 6” in the console when you have 2 more blessings to go. This will ensure the stage doesn’t bump to 40 until you speak with Viranya.

      1. I tried waiting an hour and speaking with Viranya again and that triggered her “blessing dialogue.” I guess she just needed a little time to think about it after all her fellow Vigilants were brutally murdered by vampires.

        And to be fair, Serana was in my company, so maybe she needed to consider that, too… ;)

  7. I might have missed that, but was there any explanation as to why Dibella’s stance is not explained by S’vashni?

      1. I had a quick look at the CK but couldn’t find it. I’m just really curious as to what Dibella’s stance would be, as I thought the rest of the stances were spot-on.

        1. It’s not in the random set, it’s the first example she gives in response to “Tell me about the Way of the nine.”

          But I will enjoy watching your brow twitch in confusion, as I pass his words on to you. Take for instance, Dibella, the Goddess of Beauty.
          She stands nude, arms raised cupping a golden flower, pouring cool water over her supple breasts. But here beauty is artifice.
          The stance is seduction. The blade raised in the right hand glints like the midday sun, bewitching your eyes while its partner lies in the grass.

          By the way, it seems I need to re-organize her dialogue so the stances are a top-level conversation and more easily accessible. Will fix.

        2. Okay how on earth did I miss that. I heard her say that, I read the dialogue, I thought about the words, but somehow it never registered in my mind as a stance.

          Thanks for pointing out the obvious to me :)

  8. Enjoying the mod in general but this quest frustrates me since the quest doesn’t update to tell you what to do next. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature. After the initial cat-chat it says I need to “find out more”, but there’s no quest marker indicating you have to go to the temple. I’m now on the getting the spirits of the divines thing but there’s no indication of what I’m supposed to do – is the player expected to just wander around and encounter these things randomly?! Or am I suffering a glitch?

  9. 17 blades armors and 18 blades katanas seems a little bit too much of a loot for quest that is readily available, no?
    Also, there are two problems in Skyshadow Crypt. First – that small pool of water to the right. If you fall down there – you`ll have to reload, because you can`t get out of it. Second – you can hide behind that little pool and hostile NPCs won`t be able to reach you there during the trial, due to some pathfinding AI shortcomings, allowing you to safely shoot spells/arrows at them.

    1. orondil follows at stage 5 of “dialogueorondil” initiated by the dialogue “Fine. Let’s go”

      the follow package is standard AI following that all the NPCs, vanilla and otherwise use.

      upon reaching the embassy, there is a trigger at the entrance that sets the stage to 10. This starts a brief scene where you receive the blessing, followed by Orondil trying to get inside.

  10. Pretty sure I’ve tried all the dialogue trees, but haven’t gotten “Fine. Let’s go.” Thanks for the quick reply!
    Quest description says I still need one more blessing also.

    1. Ah, it looks like the top-level dialogue “I am need of the blessing of one who embodies Julianos.” was conditioned to DialogueOrondil being at 0. Adding extra stages as part of the dialogue overhaul broke it. I’ll remove the condition, not sure why it was there in the first place.

      “setstage DialogueOrondil 5” should make him follow for now, albeit it will skip the dialogue prior to it.

    2. Another thing that would work, is if you’re meeting him for the first time as part of this quest, is to immediately ask him about Julianos first, while the stage is at 0. I think the other topics bump it to 1,2, or 3.

      The blessing part doesn’t happen until after you take him to the embassy.

      1. Don’t remember any Julianos dialogue option. I did update to 3.0 in the middle of this quest. NMM failed to install so I may have mangled the manual install somehow. However the console command worked and I received the blessing. I think the water pools should be removed since the npcs had a difficult time getting out of them. Having said that, what an epic battle with epic music! Thank you!

        1. the julianos dialogue was conditioned to 2 things – DialogueOrondil being at stage 0, and svashniquest being on stage 30.

          I broke it when I gave Orondil’s base dialogue bookmarks, as in stage 1,2,3 to check which dialogue you’ve already listened. Problem is, now he’s no longer at stage 0, and the quest breaks. My guess is you asked him “Who are you?” first and that immediately set the stage to 3.

          So, the solution would be to go straight for the “I am need of the blessing of one who embodies Julianos.” before you ask him anything else. Of course, if you’ve already met Orondil previously, this won’t work. Thus, the console code.

          I’m changing the condition to check if you are at stage < 5 instead of stage = 0. As for the lake of water, I'll just make it so you can walk on it. Much easier than redo-ing the whole temple.

  11. I love this Quest! It was fascinating, and I’m happy that we see more of the blades (and The trial was super tough for me, even though I play at Novice difficulty). Sadly, the “Blades of the nine” power doesn’t seem to work;

    – Even though it’s a Major Power, it says it costs ~235(I don’t remember) magicka
    – There’s no blue swirl or anything that shows it’s activated (nor infos written in the Active Effects)
    – And my blades don’t seem any quicker

    I currently fight with a Skyforge blade and Valdr’s lucky Dagger, and in the description it says “can be activated when wielding twin blades”, so I tried with the two uniques Akaviri swords, and then with the two normal Akaviri swords; Nothing :/

    It’s not very important, in the end, but if you could give me an answer or solution, I’d like that!

    Love this whole mod, it’s a must (and very good job for the voice acting and musics)

    1. Well, it’s impossible to really test if “Dual Flurry” and “Reflect Blows” are working, since they’re perks as opposed to effects. I could just remove them and stick with the “fortify one-handed” effect. Right now, given it’s only 10%, I doubt you’d notice much difference if the other 2 didn’t apply.

      So, I’ll bump that to 75%. That should make it more noticeable.

      adding a light or swirl is easy enough, as is removing the magicka cost.

  12. how do you start this quest? I just downloaded the mod and thought this would be a good place to start, but the cat is not at the tower. Do I have to do something else first?

  13. Hello!

    So I just finished the quest and aboslutely loved it, I can’t wait what else the mod has stored for me!:3 But there is a little problem too, the “Drums of arkay” track doesn’t seem to stop, just keeps looping over and over, it’s a good track, but I don’t want it playing all the time! D:

  14. Thanks for the quick reply!

    I gave it a try and nothing, it just went on even when I got to an inn, tried a couple different inns even, nothing, also tried quitting and restarting the game, nothing, as soon as I open my save it goes on, the quest is completed in my log though.

    1. question, what ending did you do, I can give you the exact moment/stage the music is removed, perhaps you can go back and see if the script somehow didn’t fire.

      Edit: For Garrett, it’s when talking to him at stage 100 and he says “My pupil is dead”
      For S’vashni, it’s the scene that happens at stage 95 “There’s a pattern here!”

      Let them finish speaking instead of clicking through to make sure the script fires. Other than that it may require deleting the bsa temporarily, loading up the game, then restoring it.

  15. I did the ending where S’vashni survived, talked to her and nothing! I’m trying to find her now, but I’m pretty lost, she is nowhere to be found! But yeah, I clicked through I think, that could be it..If I deleted the bsa and put it back on, will my status with al lthe npc be as it used to or would I have to do them all again?

    1. the .ESP stores all the information. The BSA does contain scripts, but they all run at specific points, not continuously.

      Meaning, I think it’s okay, but if you’re worried it might be best to go back to a save before the fight, and just let her finish talking.

      The line she says is
      “Blast! I almost had it this time! I…I could see it unfold in front me…I just need to retrace the steps!”

      That’s where the script is attached. It’s part of scene, meaning. If you interrupted it halfway by clicking on her, perhaps it wouldn’t fire.

      This was one of those earlier quests, in hindsight it should attached to a stage as opposed to a dialogue.

  16. So I moved the bsa out of the folder and ran the game and it had stopped, but when I put it back in the mods folder it started playing again, lol..I suppose I will have to return to the save then if you are out of ideas, I did manage to do things already that I wouldn’t really want to revert though.

  17. I’m still in the middle of the quest, but I gotta say I’m seriously impressed how you guys managed to transfer actual japanese swordplay into The Elder Scrolls lore XD Stendarr’s Stance as this universe’s version of Iaijutsu, really, I couldn’t help but applaud at that.

  18. Help! I’m at the very end of the quest. I go to meet Svashni in the woods west of the weynon stones. I met her and killed her. The list of objectives say I’ve killed her, but that I haven’t “meet s’vashni in the woods west of the weynon stones”. I can’t finish the quest!!!!! And those drums are starting to drive me Insain because they won’t stop until the quest is finished!!!!! I’ve tried reviving Svashni. Nothing works!

    1. Killing S’vashni will set “Svashniquest” to 100. This will teleport Garrett to you and talking to him will end the quest and remove the music.

      Alternatively, move Garrett or yourself to you via the console. His dialogue at stage 100 will be available provided you’re on that stage, which you should be if S’vashni is dead.

      1. Going back to the temple and talking to Garret completed the quest! Thank you so much!

        Just wanted to add that I’m <3ing everything you guys are doing! I really appreciate the new life you've breathed into this epic game!

  19. If the Blades of the nine gives perk, how is this compatible with Skyre ? Or if a player has already chosen similar perks from either Vanilla perk system or Skyre.. is it going to be compatible ?

    1. I wasn’t sure if the perks and things worked, so I actually switched it to 75% boost of one-handed. Not sure if it stacks with other things. In any case, updated this page to reflect the change.

      1. How about making the previous perks given by the Blade of nine power, be active effects instead of perks. That way, it’d be consistent to vanilla PC power giving active temporary effects.

      2. Got an idea. how about altering the blade of nine power to summon the eight ghostly avatars of the Divine. Although the idea of animated stance should be included, it seems far more complex. lol.

  20. Does the sub-quest Glathriel’s Bow have an optional component? I completed the The Way of The Nine but I have (direct quote) – (Optional) Retrieve Hunter’s Journal – stuck in my quest log as incomplete.

    If this is then could you supply a refID and stage to purge it please? I did collect both the vanilla instances of Hunter’s Journal items but neither resolved the issue.

    1. the objective completes upon reading the hunter journal about Glathriel’s mother you find near the scattered bones.

      However, the game will not complete objectives on finished quests, so reading it now might have zero effect.

      Best I can do is add a “Failed” objective thing if the journal has not been read prior to completion so it doesn’t happen next time around.

  21. I’m on the last quest to obtain the blessing of Akotosh. However Vahlokmir refuses to die. Every time he is killed he returns to life at full strength. Also during the battle between Vahlokmir and the inhabitants of the castle above Agni’s camp Lleyara seems to be hostile to the PC and won’t communicate with the PC.

  22. I’m on the last quest to obtain the blessing of Akotosh. However Vahlokmir refuses to die. Every time he is killed he returns to life at full strength. Also during the battle between Vahlokmir and the inhabitants of the castle above Agni’s camp Lleyara seems to be hostile to the PC and won’t communicate with the PC.

    1. Well, I’m not sure I understand. You get his blessing via dialouge with Lleyara, not combat. As Vahlokmir is Lleyara’s friend, attacking him will make her hostile. I believe him and all other quest NPCs are temporarily essential until the quest is done.

  23. Just finished this quest both ways. Have to admit, despite her being an unabashed murderer, my initial instinct was to side with S’vashni over her smugly religious yet obviously vengeful mentor. Well-written all around, I’d say, and with nary a bug. One thing that puzzled me, though: S’vashni goes on about how her swords are the greatest thing ever, but if you defeat her and take them, they’re objectively worse than the normal Blades swords the ghosts drop, except for having a slightly higher price tag. I am running SkyRe, though, so perhaps that has something to do with it.

    Also, a heads up for anyone running the Civil War Overhaul mod with this — attempting to do this quest while you’re fighting in the Civil War means that merely entering certain cities will turn every guard hostile to you (unless you’re disguised). So when I had to go to Solitude, it turned into a running battle across the city as I first paid off the merc and then fought my way up into the tower for the Thalmor and escorted him back down. Left almost the entire garrison dead on his front step, haha. Very fun times.

  24. Quick question, I decided to use the unique katanas at the end of the quest, everything fine except if I enchant them their damage value drops drastically. Is this intentional, a bug, or a conflict with another mod?

    1. Do you mean temper or enchanting? Anyhow, not sure, i’ll have to try myself. Perhaps its possible that if you alter the damage amount like I did with these swords, the game doesn’t know how much to raise it when you temper them.

      1. I had already tempered the swords, when I tried to add fire damage enchant one of the swords damage went from about 160 to 95.

        1. Yeah, I’ll have to test, but from a technical standpoint, the swords are just cloned akaviri katanas with edited speed, crit, and damage. I don’t see anything in the CK where enchanting or even tempering comes in to play, but maybe there’s some other area where I have to make an edit.

  25. I really liked S’vashni’s character, and this whole storyline in general. I sort of wish that the last fight wasn’t to the death, and that there was an option for getting S’vashni as a follower (maybe a yield point where the character can chose to hold off killing her at the end or something?). There’s a shortage of good cat people in the world. It’s a shame to lose another one!

    1. Yeah, s’vashni’s a tragic figure, so while there’s no happy ending, I do think siding with her is the superior one, at least from a narrative standpoint.

      Meaning, killing her is just your regular good triumph over evil finish – interesting but not necessarily unique, whereas siding with her leaves her parsing through the snow, trying to retrace that last step, forever consumed by her obsession.

    1. There’s a hidden trigger box that will disable her in one of the cities, so it would only work if you did it prior to completion of the quest. I mean, otherwise it’d work until you ran into said trigger box.

    1. Well technically that’s not a good idea, because while it started off as a Svashni killswitch, I now use that box for a lot of other things.

      Here, it’s better if you keep the trigger box and use this altered script instead. It will override the script in your BSA and not disable S’vashni

      Only drawback is any future additions I make to the trigger box won’t register unless you delete the script, but at the very least you won’t have to delete the trigger box.

  26. I’m having a problem with the final stage of this quest. I think I’ve killed all 8 ghosts, no more are appearing certainly, but S’vashni and Garrett now seem to be locked in a duel together where neither of them are suffering any damage, so it looks like they will be fighting each other forever! I wouldn’t mind, but I haven’t completed the quest yet! ;)

    Is there a way of getting out of this situation please? I’ve tried attacking both of them, but they complete ignore me and my attacks have no effect on them.

    1. Perhaps one of the ghosts fled? See if there’s a quest marker. Otherwise, I’d say go back to a previous save. The invulnerability is removed the moment the last ghost is killed.

      If you want to be certain it is removed, before you kill the last ghost, “set svashniclonecount to 8” will ensure the death count is right.

      1. I’ll double-check, but I think the only remaining quest marker is on Garrett, is that what you would expect at this juncture? I’ll try the console command – thanks.

        1. Probably, but the if they’re invulnerable, that means the count got screwed. Each ghost death adds 1 to the globalvariable “svashniclonecount”

          Next, after adding +1 to the count, the script checks if the number is 8 or higher. If so, it removes the invulnerability.

          If the number somehow got stuck on 7 (because maybe you killed two of them at once and the script got confused) then they’d still be invulnerable.

  27. The console command sorted it out, thanks. However, I’m not sure if I was supposed to get anything at the end of the quest? If I was, I didn’t receive it!

    1. Yeah, the reward for the s’vashni ending is a superior ending. It basically has her pawing at the snow consumed by her own obsession. You can steal her swords though I think.

      The other ending is more traditional good guy bad guy, which is less interesting but comes with rewards and boon.

  28. For some odd reason, after doing the battle with Garret at the temple (where you fight the 8 or 9 ghosts of akavir), when he tells me to go to S’vashni, I ctd whenever I get near her location and if I try moving myself to her via console, my game freezes.

      1. Well, the location itself is fine, but as soon as it gets to that stage of the quest line, everywhere around the weynon stones becomes prone to ctd’ing

        1. The only difference is that S’vashni is there and possibly Garrett and ghosts depending on your choices. It could just be your machine isn’t able to handle the additional NPCs – the edits that have been made, such as location markers and things that tell the NPCs where to stand, that’s all there before the quest even starts.

  29. Help! After defeating the eight ghosts and siding with Garret, he says well done disciple, then gets stuck. I have to kill myself to reload with the console.

    1. Explain what you mean by he gets stuck. The game gets stuck? You get locked in dialogue? In either case, it sounds like a game engine glitch as opposed to something to do with the mod.

      Try reloading an earlier save.

  30. I’m stuck on the part requiring Keevara to give me some further information on the tomb location. I start the dialog with her and she starts to give an answer, but then it seems it rushed through without an answer or update. What can I do to advance in this quest? Using 3.04.8.

    1. keerava gives you a letter i believe that adds skyshadow crypt to the map. Entering the crypt will advance the quest. you technically don’t have to even go to keerava first.

      edit: just tested, and it works. you ask about rumors, first she give fjona/among-the-hist letters if you haven’t gotten those, then the skyshadow crypt one.

  31. Got a letter for Fjona and I have spoken to her. She in now in the Bee and Barb. I am not sure if I got one for Among-the-Hist, but I do remember seeing him in the cave for another quest. Can’t remember if I ever spoke with Among, since it seems in the last game (if I am remembering right), I needed to talk with the Stendar Priestess first. If I speak to Among first, will that enable Keevara to give her line properly so I can proceed with The Way of the Nine?

    1. You just keep talking to Keerava and she keeps giving you letters. check your inventory. There should be a letter about Skyshadow Crypt. See video for details – although for some reason it didn’t add to the map, will have to check that out.

      This is also provided you’re using the most recent version, 3.04.8, as I think an earlier version the condition was wrong, can’t remember when it was fixed tbh.

  32. I must have gotten the letters for Peakshade Tower and the Vampire Activity cave, since that is how I found both S’vashni and Among-the-Hist, But Keevara will not say her dialog line for Skyshadow Crypt, nor will she give me the quest note and so the quest does not advance. Don’t want to try for the sixth time. Is there a set stage code or an additem code for the missing note that could help me progress in this quest? Thanks.

    BTW, now that Among-the Hist is following me, if I dismiss him in the Bee and Barb will he stay put or go somewhere else that allows me to find him for the next quest with the Vigilants?

    1. Then you’re not using the most current version. Only possible explanation, not to mention the most likely one. Keerava’s dialogue to give you the letter is set to svashniquest being on stage 1. If you are on stage 1, the letter will be given.

      As I stated before, traveling to the crypt itself is the only way as the script is tied to the letter. The location is shown on the video. Just enter the crypt and the quest will advance.

      As for ATH, you can take him along with you all the way up to the point where you start Vigilance and Virtue. Seeing as Way of the Nine must be completed first, it should be fine.

      However, if he’s in your party when you try and start V and V, the relevant dialogue will not appear, as the quest wouldn’t make much sense otherwise.

    2. And when I say “not using the most current version,” it can also mean you installed the HF patch esp only, and not the BSA.

      Meaning, not having the scripts could also result in you not getting the letter. Make sure your BSA and ESP are both dated in March.

  33. i don’t know why the drums of arkay is stuck, when i load any save i starts and when it finishes there is no music at all even in combat, also when i Alt+tab and come back the drums starts again.

    1. what part of the quest are you on? If by chance the script to remove it didn’t fire for whatever reason, it’s conditioned to not play once the quest is complete

      Nuclear option would be to open up the mod in the CK and delete “svashniquest_drumsofarkay” and “svashniquest_drumsofarkayF”

    1. it’s not in the ruins, it’s in a nearby field where there’s a bunch of blood and bones. if you returned the bow though, the quest should complete, the journal’s just optional and that should fail.

  34. Hey, I’m having a problem with the quest! Glathriel is stick on the “Did the nord tell any good stories?” dialogue option, and no matter what I select, it just leads back to that question. Is there a way to reset the NPC or am I missing something>

    1. type “sqv svashniquest”

      if you are on stage 30 and using the current version of the mod, the dialogue “What are you doing here?” will be the first and only conversation tree you can access. This tree leads to the start of “Glathriel’s Bow.” Retrieving the bow will allow you to progress and get the blessing.

      Another possibility is you are already on stage 20 of the quest “Glatrhielsbow” (meaning she already asked you to retrieve it). This will prevent the “What are you doing here?” quest dialogue from popping up because you don’t want it showing up forever.

  35. I’m at a slight loss, for some reason I can not get Lleyara to give me the tear of Akatosh, or make Vahlokmir give the blessing. I do think that I had a double blessing, did the “set Svashni8count to 6” trick and my journal still shows the Tears of Akatosh as required, but I can not get any dialog tree to provide the blessing. Any clues or tips to straighten out my boo-boo? I’m assuming it’s mine, haven’t had any other issues with this mod. Which is freaking awesome, by the way.

    1. are you on stage 30 or 40 of “Svashniquest”? If you got to 40 it’s too late, the way the quest is designed it thinks you’ve gotten all 8 blessings.

      If you’re on stage 30, the question “I am in need of Vahlokmir’s aid.” will appear. This leads down a conversation path that leads to a scene. The scene will add one to your count and complete the objective.

      1. I think mine is showing stage 70, actually. Don’t ask me why, but that’s what shows when I sqs Svashniquest. 70 through 500 at 0.

        1. Sorry, Kris, won’t let me reply to your last comment for some reason. I knew that about the sqv, don’t ask me why I decided to do sqs instead. Drain bamage, I guess. Mine is showing stage 40, so I guess I’m boned. I’m assuming I can still finish the quest, but really would have liked to complete all the stages. Guess I could set stage back to 30 and redo them all again, might just do that. Thanks for your extremely quick responses, and thanks again for making a truly awesome mod.

        2. no worries, if you’re really worried about a double blessing, just play it and save before each person.

          the quest will tell you when you hit stage 40 because the objective “Return to Skyshadow Crypt and Speak With S’vashni” will pop up. re-adjust the count at that point.

          I really should restructure how this part of the quest is done, but I’m worried changing things halfway through will break it for players on old saves.

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