Beautiful Tikrid_Xannon98

Encounter Snowpoint Beacon [Rescue from Snowpoint Beacon first]
Locations Dawnstar
Race Nord Gender Female
Level PC x1 Class CombatWarrior1H
RefID XX07A021 BaseID XX07A01B
Health Levels with PC Magicka Levels with PC
Stamina Levels with PC
Primary Skills One-handed, Arcery, Block, Heavy Armor
Morality No Crime Confidence Brave
Inventory Ale, Key to Beitild’s House, Iron Sword, Gold(10)
Voice Anna Castiglioni

Tikrid is a Nord bounty hunter and a self-described awkward fighter. She was originally a member of the guard in Dawnstar, and had aspirations of being a housecarl. However, the Jarl’s preference for the war hero Jod led to her leaving the service and taking on a new career as an adventurer. Her sister Betild owns Ironbreaker Mine.

63 thoughts on “Tikrid”

  1. I would like to know this as well. Her story touched me; I’d like her to finally be able to fulfill her goal — as housecarl of my home in Whiterun.

  2. I have the option of hiring her for 300 gold, but that dialogue option only appears if I’ve already got a follower. Once I dismiss them, I no longer have the option of asking her to be a follower.

    1. Try using the console to boost her relationship rank. That dialogue option you saw was likely a “You got someone already” line. The hire one should show up when your relationship rank is 3 or higher, the script in place sets it to 4 though so players can marry her.

  3. Ok, somewhat mini-spoilers here, but I seem to have encountered an issue on the Darkened Steel quest “A Path of Bones”. When I’m supposed to speak with Tikrid, she’s sitting in Nchuand-Zel and her dialogue is basically stuck on her “Thank you again.” line that doesn’t open up a dialogue tree. I’m not even sure if she’s supposed to be at this place, considering the dialogue before having to go to her alluded to the assassin going to Dawnstar. Is there a console command I can enter to set her dialogue to the correct state/set her to travel to the correct place?

    1. Nevermindish, figured out a solution: travel to Dawnstar and use moveto to transport her there. So evidently she shouldn’t be in Nchuand-Zel. That should probably be addressed in the future, but it seems to be an easy fix.

        1. this “bug” occurs when you don’t speak to Tikrid in Dawnstar after initially saving her. Technically, you’re supposed to learn her backstory before starting Darkened Steel.

          Otherwise, the name Sahlene doesn’t make any sense.

          Version 3.01 corrects this by blocking the Darkened Steel questline until after you’ve spoken to Tikrid.

  4. I’m not able to get Tikrid to work with AFT on my clean install. I’m going to test with Anum-La and Erevan when I meet up with them later. Hope it’s just a problem with Tikrid and/or AFT, love your followers!

  5. I’m having a bit of trouble with the darkened steel quest relating to this character :/. To make a long story short, I started the quest via console because 1. I couldn’t find the journal for the life of me so I assumed it had bugged out and fell into the ground. And 2. That lovely giant cuddly spider Nimhe decided to respawn on me. The quest seemed to bug out for me (or should I say arachnid? ;P) because I got as far as Soren giving me his dagger, and me refusing to give it to the archaeologist guy (can’t remember his name for the life of me). Then the quest claimed it was over, but after reading more around the blog I noticed that there was more dialog that I had yet to see, such as finding Sahleen. Also, after the quest “ended” I was unable to dismiss Tikrid using regular dialog, I had to “manually” dismiss her using AFT, but Erevan claimed I already had someone when I asked him to follow me after I did so. Now i do understand that Soren asked you to wait, I’m just unsure about the time due to the fact that I started this via console. I’m concerned that I won’t be able to start this quest the good ole’ fashioned way because the mod “Helgen Reborn” has a scene there at Orphan’s Tear and may have altered it a bit. If you have any advice on what I could do I would really appreciate it.

    1. Well, if you started via console there’s a chance you skipped prerequisites that could cause issues later on. A good way to check if prereqs are met is talking to the innkeeper in Dawnstar and seeing if he has a note for you. The note points you to the journal and makes it easier to start the quest without checking the readme.

      But basically, after the first quest ends, there’s additional dialogue with Gancielo that points you to Lorne’s shack. Quest continues from there.

    1. Never mind, seemed like a glitch that was repeated two times, but no longer. I wonder why it happened, though. Was quite a WTF occurence.

  6. BTW, what’s her reaction if you kill her sister as part of the Dark Brotherhood questline (not that I am planning to do such a horrible, wicked thing in my current playthrough)? It wouldn’t make much sense for her to remain friendly with the player after that…

    1. Heh, a random vampire just killed Betild in my game. Fairly elegant writing on your part if I pick the option implying that I did it in subsequent dialogue with Tikrid. Still somewhat stretches plausibility, but I guess in every game that has the opportunity to let the player join in something as proudly eeeevil as the DB and wants to preserve the player having well-developed “good” allies, some compromise is unavoidable.

      1. Beitild probably shouldn’t be like “friends like you are hard to find and are very valuable to me” after you rescued Tikrid. Doesn’t mesh with what Tikrid tells the PC about her.

        1. That’s a problem with the vanilla system, using the same voice for multiple NPCs. Every favored person says the same thing. The actual Beitild is a hard-ass, and she works the miners to death. Tikrid’s dialogue is based on her actual personality. THis is also why Beitild is a Dark Brotherhood target.

          Unfortunately, the way the vanilla system is rigged, if you sell her some ore, suddenly she’ll say that line. Same line every “femalecondescending” person says (Njada Stone-Arm, for example) the moment you gain their favor.

        2. If it’s because of ore mining, not because of rescuing Tikrid, then it’s fine and the flaw is on Bethesda for making “condescending” voice types say that line. They did fine with “we’re the two people around who aren’t complete idiots” male voice, though. In fact, I can envision Beitild saying that line.

        3. Thinking about it, seems that the Bethesda flaw is not really in making it possible for people like Beitild to say such things, but for counting prosaic usual everyday hired labour as something that should gain a NPC’s favor.

  7. How does one even begin the Darekened steel questline? Where is ‘Nimhe’ because a search in the console does not bear a single result. Ive completed the other 2 prequesites, the Knight of Thorns and Tikrids backstory. Please someone tell me. I really want to start the quests

    1. OH SHIT. Nevermind. Nimhe is the giant spider, strange that the console did not bring her up… hmmmmmmm ignore this comment

  8. Major issue with Darkened Steel – in the nightblade order cave, after Tikrid steps on the pressure plate and Lorne runs away, my player controls are not enabled and I can’t move. Is it connected to me completing this quest up to that point without the journal in my inventory?

    1. Never mind, again! I replayed the cave, and it worked this time. It seems that I was not standing close enough to the spirits the first time (the barrier on my first playthough activated only when Tikrid intervened in the spirits’ debate), despite the cutscene between them playing as usual. It seems that a trigger box of some kind must be larger. Or smaller. I don’t really know which.

  9. AFT isn’t really compatible with 3DNPC, I think.

    I’ve had many glitches, but the worst is Tikdrid. After I left her in Nchuand-Zel, and after advancing the quest line, she appeared when I fast traveled in Kynesgrove. And at that point, she was hopelessly bugged. She could not follow. AFT’s summoning worked to bring her to my position, but she’d still be stuck. Dismissing her and rehiring her didn’t fix it. Resetting AFT didn’t fix it. Fast travel sporadically brings her along, often does not, no pattern to it. Stripping her of gear, disabling her, enabling her, and resurrecting her didn’t fix it. There were no conversational options from 3DNPC that would affect her bugged status.

    Another of the followers – the dark brotherhood guy who guards a girl – is also bugged. I got through his quest, but then he wouldn’t stop following me. Dismissing in AFT *should* let his 3DNPC scripts control him. They don’t. He just keeps following. The *only* way to get him to stop following is to leave AFT working on the character and use the ‘dismiss, but hang out here’ option. AFT makes him stay put then, at least. What that does to 3DNPC’s scripts I have no idea. Once again, disabling from the console, renabling, and resurrecting the character doesn’t fix it.

    1. In version 3.04 – Brother and Keeper I changed Griffith to follow via a package rather than get added as a follower. That should help. Tikrid I’d recommend letting her follow outside the follower system as well so AFT isn’t involved. If she still follows you, then the package may need extra conditioning.

      1. The problem with Tikrid is she stops walking after my character. Nothing gets her moving again, though she sometimes appears (not always) when I fast travel and is summonable using AFT’s summon command.

        I should clarify that it’s my habit to use AFT’s ‘make follower’ command on any character who will become a follower, so I have access to all of AFT’s features, such as follower inventory management, automatic catch-up on weapon draw, and multiple followers. And doing that clearly isn’t compatible with the way 3DNPC scripts its NPCs.

        The safe way to play through 3DNPC is to avoid using AFT at all. Next time I play through Skyrim, I’ll leave AFT disabled so I can experience 3DNPC as it is meant to be experienced.

        3DNPC is a great mod, truly. AFT is a great mod, too. I’d like for them to work together seamlessly. They don’t, and players need to know it.

        Cheers! You and your team are doing great stuff, highly entertaining! I love the voice acting, the conversational depth, the location-based comments, the music, all of it. I know it’s too much to hope that BethSoft will take the cue and write more depth into their characters, but at least they’re delivering games we can modify, and we have the best modders in the world.

  10. By the way, you’ve written her clumsiness as an actual flaw (in Darkened Steel) very well. Clumsiness in general is hard to pull off as a flaw – it’s either an Informed Attribute, or has the clumsy character degenerate into comic slapstick. It’s a credit to you as a writer that Tikrid is neither. In fact, after Darkened Steel, she’s my favourite character in 3DNPC, and, possibly in the whole of Skyrim.

  11. What’s the point of the quest “The bounty hunter” exactly? There’s no description, just a “go talk to Tikrid in Dawnstar” objective and when i do talk to Tikrid and exhaust her dialog options the quest persists. She also alludes something to if i need her, she follows me, however she gives me no such choice. Just exhausted dialog options and a quest that i can’t seem to complete. Is this working as intended?

    1. That’s a meet quest. It’s to point you to quest NPCs. In version 3.04, I’ve moved it to the miscellaneous tab as well as corrected the bug of it not completing.

      You should always update to the latest version. In the meantime “setstage DialogueTikrid 20” will also fix, but skip some short dialogue where she thanks you again.

      1. Oh! Okay then, wasn’t expecting an update so soon. Probably i downloaded not long before you updated. Thanks for the quick answer!

  12. I have to say that I absolutely love Tikrid! She runs the perfect line between awkward and capable, and is definitely my favorite character in the mod. I really enjoyed the adventure you have together in the Darkened Steel questline.

    1. Yeah, the best part about Darkened steel was I was able to control her actions and put her characteristics into play. Stepping on shit she’s not supposed to, knocking over urns and coffins, etcetera. The salutes and awkward looking gestures combined with her spindly body should also help.

      Ultimately, I’m constantly fighting against how smooth the normal combat animations look (which all NPCs are forced to use). It’s the same problem you run into when trying to make a fat person.

  13. I can’t start this quest. I have spoken with Tikrid until all dialogue options were chosen, completed th Rose without Thorns quest, and killed Nimhe. But the Bandit’s journal in Orphan’s Tear stil wont spawn

  14. Just curious, is there ever an interaction of some form between Tikrid and Jorn? I’m pretty sure Jorn the Bard and Jorn, Tikrid’s childhood bully, are one in the same, so…

    1. No dialogue, sorry. Unlike with Betild, there’s nothing explicitly saying it’s the same Jorn. The reason being we don’t know what vanilla Jorn’s backstory is, so these things are left ambiguous.

      1. You know I was wondering the same thing about jorn.
        So I shouted him right off the balcony by the bards college.
        FUS RO DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Now that was funny,will try to upload to youtube.

  15. Is Tikrid able to be married? Even so- is she straight? I find it hard to be a lesbian with this mod, is there more lesbian, pansexual, bisexual characters on there that are female?

    1. she can be married, and many characters are “bisexual” in that sexuality isn’t an essential part of their character, so you can choose whether they are lesbian, gay, or straight.

      The ones that are canon lesbian/gay/straight is because narratively that’s the only thing that makes sense. Usually though gameplay concerns come first which is why so many characters can swing both ways.

      1. Swing both ways
        No offense but consider that line stolen.
        Hey I have an idea create an argonian named swings both ways.

    2. I seem to remember that Amalee is lesbian. She’s a well-acted and fun character, too. You can find her at Eldergleam Sanctuary.

      Her battle cries make me grin every time.

  16. For those who can’t find the journal for Darkened Steel, AND have all the prereq’s, type in the console help “veklas’ journal” that’s the journal to start the quest.

  17. Greetings.

    I am currently working on Darkened Steel, and have reached the point when Lorne travels to the Hall of the Dead in Windhelm, following showing him the correct corpse. The journal entry is “Check on Tikrid”.

    However, neither he nor Tikrid speak to each other, nor do they say anything new when I speak to them. What should I do to proceed?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Lorne never goes to the Hall of the Dead, should be at the inn. As such, the objective “check on tikrid” shows up before you show lorne the correct corpse. It’s a little aside to show you the mess she made looking for the corpse.

      That happens at stage 170. Talking to Tikrid at stage 170 will set stage to 175, which will give you the objective to bring the corpse to lorne.

      Tikrid’s stage 170 dialogue resets every 4 hours, i’ll lower that to .5 hours in case you tab out. If you’re on stage 170, waiting 4 hours then talking to her again should advance, or use the console to set to stage 175

      1. Waiting seems to have done nothing, so I will have to set the stage manually.
        What is the quest ID? I can’t seem to find it documented, and using the SQT command doesn’t seem to make it show up (I used SQO to check each individual entry).

        Again, many thanks for the help.

  18. Goddamn, I’ve given Lorne literally every corpse and he says none of them are the one.

    For two corpses, the objective doesn’t even say “Return to Lorne” or whatever it’s supposed to say. A new objective doesn’t show up.

  19. I’ve been adventuring a while with Tikrid as my follower, but after browsing this website realized that there should be a quest associated with her. I rescued her, followed her to Dawnstar (the Inn), and then spoke to her about her background. I’ve followed all the dialogue links, but no quest was ever started from there. Was it meant to be? If not, how do you start it?

    I do have Amazing Follower Tweaks installed, could this have interfered?

  20. I’m stuck on A Path of Bones. I just talked to Tikrid, and my objective says to travel to Dawnstar, but there’s no marker, and when I travel to Dawnstar the objective doesn’t update. Where should I go?

    1. If you aren’t using objective markers, Tikrid’s backstory basically provides the clue.

      There’s a spot below the lighthouse where a trigger box will complete the objective and start a scene.

      1. I am using objective markers, but it doesn’t show up for this part of the quest. After I tell Tikrid “I know where we can find Sahlene”, the next objective becomes “Travel to Dawnstar” with no marker. I’ve walked around the lighthouse area for a bit trying to get a trigger, but the quest doesn’t update. I’ve also walked past Soren at the bottom of the lighthouse cliff too if that’s relevant.

      2. Alright, after running around a long time I finally found it near two trees. However Tikrid just talks to herself and the quest gets stuck. It seems like Sahlene is not activated? When I use the console to moveto Sahlene I get transported back to Nchuand-Zel where Nasrin was.

        1. sounds like the Sahlene’s alias didn’t fill, which would break the quest. Is it possible she was killed in Nchuand-Zel during Cat and Mouse?

          The alias obviously filled there if she was disabled. Don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t fill for “path of bones” unless she died – although it could be just regular skyrim dickishness.

        2. I think Sahlene died somehow is a likely explanation. I’ll have to reload from an earlier save.

  21. Is there a way to get Tikrid to follow me again after I finished Darkened Steel? I talked to the old man and she just wanders off in the Skeever. I can pretty much say to her whatever you can say to a follower, I can even access her inventory, but she doesn’t follow me and instead just sits down in the Inn, regardless of what I do. Is there a bug in the script or something? I don’t have any follower mod installed.

  22. I killed Bertild during the Dark Brotherhood quest and now the dialog to have Tikrid follow me is gone. Is this supposed to happen or is it a bug?

  23. So, I cleared snow point beacon before installing INPC’s, now I find her on top and she goes to dawnstar afterwards, but I’ve tried every dialogue option and the “follow me” opption is no where to be found, also, several other of the added characters(knight of thorns, Isobel) have dead end dialogue that won’t advance no matter what I do, what’s going on?

  24. Hello there. that’s my problem: I Saved tikrid from the tower, talked to her after in Dawnstar, learned her backstory. I had the ‘Follow me’ line avaible, Her sister Beitild was still alive, No DarkBrotherhood quest for me. But , well, i didn’t like her and i killed her on my own. Later , i told Tikrid that i killed her sister and she was okay with that. But after that the ”Follow me” line was not appearing at all!
    Question#1 Is this supposed to be like that? or i bugged her out ?
    However, i continiued my quests. Finished the quest ‘A rose without thorns’,
    then i started the Darkened Steel questline.
    I finished the DarkenedSteel quest, also the Daedra in the Dark quest, and im currently on Cat and Mouse quest and every one of them worked perfectly, But in non of the between of those quests i wasn’t able to get the ”Follow me” line on tikrid (im not talking while running the quests, i mean before or after the quest)
    The only line that appears to me while i click on tikrid to talk is the
    ”Do you blame your self to what happened to shalene?” line, only this line, nothing else appears.
    Question#2 Do i have to finish the whole questline to make her follow me agian ? or did i bugged her because i killed beitild and maybe that messed up her dialogues.
    -Hint- when i type sqs dialoguetikrid i get those values:
    Stage 0: 0
    Stage 1: 1
    Stage 2: 1
    Stage 3: 1
    Stage 4: 1
    Stage 5: 0
    Stage 6: 1
    Stage 7: 1
    Stage 10: 1
    Stage 20: 1
    Stage 500:0
    And im currently running the Cat and Mouse quest.
    Please i would love some help! .
    (Sorry if you spot any bad english)

    1. You should use the new site 3dnpc.com, this site is dead

      Yes, you have to finish the questline, but also, it’s possible killing her sister messed up her relationship ranking, you can use the console to raise it to 4

      Someone else recently had the same issue but finished the quest – her relationship rank was below 0 and blocked her follower dialogue. However, again, if you haven’t finished the questline, the follow stuff is disabled on purpose for much of it.

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