To Warm Sands


To Warm Sands
Quest Giver Kjoli
Locations Shor’s Stone, Haelga’s Bunkhouse, Temple of Mara
Prerequisites None
Related Quests None
Enemy Level N/A Class N/A
Quest ID Kjoliquest Editor ID XX1626B4
NPCs Kjoli, Inari, Jade, Maramal
Reward Optional – 200 gold

To Warm Sands tells the story of a Nord man and his Khajiit love. The full name of the quest was originally From Cold Snow to Warm Sands, to emphasize the connection between Kjoli and Inari and the transition from a cold relationship to a warm one. However, this was later abbreviated to allow for a more concise title, with the idea that the journey still ends at a point of warmth. For most of the quest the player is an outside observer, and it is designed with the intent of increasing immersion as opposed to gameplay, as only the PC can arrange a marriage ceremony in the vanilla game.

Finding Kjoli
The player finds a Nord man in the Fall Forest, pensively viewing the fall of leaves. He tells the PC he is on his way to Riften to adopt a child, a surprise he has kept from his love. When the dialogue ends, a Khajiit named Inari makes her appearance, and the two playfully chide each other.

– While Kjoli’s dialogue implies he is standing in the middle of the forest, his actual positioning is close to Shor’s Stone to make him easier to find.

The Argument
Inari will travel to Haelga’s Bunkhouse with Kjoli following close behind. Upon entry, the player finds them in an argument over Kjoli’s surprise. Inari reveals she assumed he brought her to Riften to propose, and the resulting shock forces her to retreat upstairs. Kjoli asks the PC to talk to her as she refuses to see him. Inari, fighting back tears, tells the player how she met Kjoli, and how the Divines granted her wish to be with him. She believes she is on borrowed time, which only exacerbates her fears.

However, upon overhearing her story, Kjoli will apologize and eventually propose to Inari. He will then thank the player, and ask that he/she arrange the wedding at the Temple of Mara. The player can offer to do the service for free or demand a gold payment.

The Wedding
The PC has the option of having Jade or Maramal marry the pair. Choosing Jade comes with an implied risk, as every couple she has wed has failed to stay together. However, there is no consequence currently in the game if the player chooses Jade, which is either a testament to their love or proof that Jade’s fears are unwarranted. Picking Jade over Maramal will also result in original dialogue from the priestess as she haphazardly performs the ceremony.

– After completion of the quest, Kjoli will resume following Inari to Shor’s Stone on the weekdays and the Bee and Barb on the weekends.

To Warm Sands (Kjoliquest)
Stage Information
0 When taking the road south past Shor’s Stone on the way to Riften, Kjoli can be found just to the east among the trees.
10 After conversing with Kjoli, his wife Inari will appear behind him, and after a scene the two will leave for Riften.
30 If the player enters the Bee and Barb after the couple arrive, he/she will find them arguing over Kjoli’s desire to adopt. Inari will rush upstairs in anger.
50 Kjoli asks the PC to talk to Inari, who reveals she believes she is already dead, and is living on borrowed time.
60 After overhearing the conversation, Kjoli apologizes for the misunderstanding and proposes to Inari.
80 Kjoli asks the PC to arrange the marriage. The player has the choice of either having Maramal or Jade perform the rites.
85 (Optional) Jade awkwardly conducts the ceremony.
100 With the ceremony complete, Kjoli and Inari thank the PC and depart.

Notes: Stages 20, 40, 70, 81, 86, 90, 95 are set during scenes, dialogue, or when entering a trigger at the appropriate stage.

3 thoughts on “To Warm Sands”

  1. I just love these wiki/readmes. And i applaud for the imagination of a nord marrying a khajiit. Never thought i would see it ingame. Perhaps i should resign my post as Jarl and wander around skyrim eh

  2. I seem to be having some sort of bug with this quest. Not sure if this is just due to missing audio files or what, but after I talk to Kjoli at the beginning when Inari shows up she goes through her dialogue, but Kjoli’s replies are skipped. It wasn’t until I used “setstage kjoliquest 20” that the quest shows up in my menu, but afterwards, Kjoli moved as per normal to Haelga’s, but Inari remained fixated at the point where she spoke her lines, thus preventing the “Argument” sequence. I’ve tried “moveto player”, “setstage kjoliquest 30”, etc, but nothing seems to fix it as Inari will simply walk out of the building and back to her starting spot. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Like, is there a specific base/ref ID for the “argument” Inari? Or a code to set her behavior to the proper setting?

    1. It sounds like she’s stuck waiting for the scene to finish, you can try punching her. As for why the scene got stuck, it sounds like you don’t have the audio files. I’ve heard things like this happening when updating via NMM, where it deletes the previous version and installs only the update. You can check by looking in the folder KjoliVoice. If it’s empty, you’ll need to reinstall.

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