Encounter Steed Stone
Locations Military Camps, Temple of Kynareth
Dialogue Locations Military Camps or Forts, Arcanaeum, Cemeteries
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level PC×1 Class TrainerRestorationExpert
RefID XX0be598 BaseID XX0BE596
Health Levels with PC Magicka Levels with PC
Stamina Levels with PC
Primary Skills Restoration, Speech, Alteration
Morality No Crime Confidence Average
Voice Christian Gaughf (Aranas)

Valgus the Healer
While the initial encounter occurs at the Steed Stone, Valgus implies he is actually a wandering healer, moving from camp to camp in hopes of tending to the wounded. The camps he visits are Imperial ones, telling the Dragonborn that the Stormcloaks refused his aid. Valgus also has unique conversations for a number of locations and quests as part of his status as a Super Follower.

Valgus the Healer (DialogueValgus)
Stage Information
0 Simply conversing with Valgus will begin his wander package, which takes him to the following locations, where unique dialogue is available depending on your affiliation.

  • Sundas – Whiterun Temple of Kynareth
  • Morndas – Falkreath Imperial Camp
  • Tirdas – Hjaalmarch Imperial Camp
  • Middas – Winterhold Imperial Camp
  • Turdas – Riften Imperial Camp
  • Fredas – Dawnstar Imperial Camp
  • Loredas – Whiterun Temple of Kynareth
10 Upon asking Valgus what happened to his wife, he will politely refuse to talk about it.
20 Telling Valgus to forget about his wife will immediately set him on the path to moving on. However, as the reply is rude, this stage can be skipped, and a more delicate response can be used later on.
30 Visiting an outdoor graveyard in one of these five locations will enable the story of Valgus’ dead wife. Telling him to move on will set the stage to 30 and enable his marriage options.

  • Falkreath
  • Riften
  • Whiterun
  • Windhelm
  • Solitude

NoteEven after reaching stage 30, the player must still own a vanilla home in order to marry Valgus. This is because NPCs will sandbox in their editor location otherwise, which for Valgus is the Steed Stone.

Bonus Conversations

Quest Stage Location
The Eye of Magnus Upon Completion College of Winterhold
First Lessons Upon Completion Winterhold College Arcanaeum
Dragon Rising While en route to the Whiterun watchtower Whiterun
The Way of the Voice Upon Completion Ivarstead or High Hrothgar
A Blade in the Dark After speaking with Delphine Riverwood, Kynesgrove, Sky Haven Temple or while accompanying Delphine
The World-Eater’s Eyrie Prior to departing for Sovngarde Dragonsreach
Dragonslayer Upon Completion Any

Valgus has an ancillary role in two quests, A Spell for Rumarin and From the Blood of Kings. Meeting Valgus for the first time in the latter quest will permanently disable his initial dialogue, as it relates to the Steed Stone. Valgus plays a more prominent role in The Harbinger of Us All, following the player for the entirety of the quest.

A Spell for Rumarin (Rumarinquest)
Stage Information
5 Tired of being limited to a bladebinder, Rumarin asks to travel to the College Arcanaeum in search of a tome for challenged novices.
10 Upon reaching the Arcanaeum, a scene plays where Rumarin searches for a book before querying Urag, who ignores him.
20 Rumarin suggests finding an unconventional mage to assist him. If you have spoken to Mugnor, Dagri’lon, or Valgus, you can mention them to Rumarin and a quest marker will appear. However, visiting the 3 mages in any order will also progress the quest.
50 After consulting the 3 mages, it becomes evident Rumarin will have to learn on his own.
70 Rumarin asks you to channel his survival instinct but assaulting him with friendly fire. Any attack will achieve the desired effect.
90 After being hit, you can converse with Rumarin and receive a reward.
100 Upon completion, Rumarin will now have the ability to cast a lesser ward spell, and the player receives 200 gold.
The Harbinger of Us All (3DNPCMQ4)
Stage Information
10 Finishing Faces and Names and The Bloodsmith will trigger this stage, resulting in a courier delivering a letter.
20 The courier letter will provide the location of Larsdon’s hideout and a key to enter.
30 Upon entering Greenwood Cellar, the PC will find Falatild, Valgus, and Karras in a heated discussion. It is revealed Thane Larsdon has been kidnapped.
60 After asking Karras about Gren, he will lead you outside and reveal that the Blood of Skyrim wishes to exchange Larsdon for the axe.
70 When the PC agrees to help, Valgus interrupts and indicates he will follow the player to Gren’s camp.
100 The PC travels to Gren’s camp and meets him and his charges. Speaking with Gren, Hjolm, and Hrongar will activate Frygg’s dialogue, which will point the PC to his master and progress the quest.
110 The player travels to Heartwood Mill to find Anum-La accosted by thieves. After vanquishing them, she informs the pair the Blood of Skyrim has made a home in Angarvunde.
220 After navigating through the dungeon, the player will find Larsdon in the center of a strange ritual. Valgus heals the Thane as Anum-La checks on the other torture victims.
260 While searching for information on the ritual, the torture victims suddenly collapse. Anum-La notes that one of them is missing, but Valgus insists with Larsdon in the group, they are in no condition to chase him.
290 Anum-La leaves the party, as the rest head on to Greenwood Cellar.
300 Upon entering the cellar, Larsdon reacts coldly to Falatild and insists the ritual be performed immediately. Karras, while voicing his objections, admits that Isobel is already down in the cavern below, making preparations.
400 After undergoing the ritual, Larsdon collapses and the earth shakes. This is a device used in part due to a lack of scripting ability to make the aftermath of the ritual happen as intended.  The player wakes up back in the cellar. Speaking to Karras will give a brief summary of everyone’s whereabouts.

Notes: At the conclusion of the Blood of Kings questline, Valgus does not appear at Zora’s party. This is due to the fact that changing the events at the Drunken Huntsman means he never met Thane Larsdon, and would be unlikely to be recruited by the player in any capacity during the quelling of Gren’s rebellion. Future updates will have it so Valgus can be met for the first time twice, during the Blood of Kings and then at the Steed Stone, as the previous events did not occur.


88 thoughts on “Valgus”

  1. Does Valgus actually heal the player when being a follower? I have not seen this behaviour so far, he charges into battle like the rest.

    1. He heals, but it requires your HP to be dangerously low. When it’s very low, he starts healing you. Sometimes its useful, others… he’s just not fast enough…

  2. .. help >< it seems i cant marrying him T.T brought the hause in witherun (not fully furnished yet) and before i did bring him to the graveyard in solitude , had the conversation- ended it (but didn't tell him directly that he should move on, because i thought the conversation goes on….also his last words seems to imply that he will) but still can get him to marry me T.T what should i do?

    1. i meant back when you were conversing with him. you have 2 opportunities to say “move on with your life,” when you initially meet him, and during the cemetery story.

      You can bypass this through the console by setting the stage to 30. Now just put on your Amulet of Mara and it’s baby making time.

  3. XD *hrrrhrrr* … i was sure i told him back at the stone to move on,..anyway the stage thing didn’t work t.t i will try to by a differnt vanilla house now, maybe breezhome is bugged because of some mods.. ;) thx anyway ^___^ especialy for this great mod ^o^ i have quite some mods installed texture etc. to make skyrim a more realistic world for me, but no mod had ever such an impact, as this one… would be even fine now, to play vanilla, with just this mod installed X))

    by the way, have you ever considered to created a marriageable charracter (maybe race khajiit) who is dark and at the same time so charming , that you can’t keep yourself from trusting him, even thought your normal mind and body tells you otherwise?
    someone with a kind of mysterios and dark background and an aura that gives you shivers and the feeling he could and would kill you in an eye blink, if he likes
    but in the same time his actions and behavior are giving you the inpression that somehow he wont hurt you (yet?) but befriend and protect you (maybe in a later stage giving you the feeling, that you are diffrent
    and that he would rather nearly get killed himself, then to let you get hurt or worse, if it comes to it…)

    i know , i know just spinning around a little bit with a daydream XD, but i’m sure if anyone could create such a follower, it could only be you X)… just giving some inspiration here ;D hihi *whistle*

  4. XOOO thanx XDDD will try it out immediately <3 didn't wanted to player any further with my new character , without beeing able to listen (this time) to his conversation X)) i just love you right know XDD <3<3<3

  5. bye the way , will version 3 fully voice him?? or will you just remove his still unvoiced random conversastion :)? i would love to hear all his lines (because i can’t even read his unvoiced lines, they are to quickly gone) and why didn’t blade in the dark make it T.T ??

  6. One of the big things about this mod is how it has kept up my interest in Skyrim. Valgus is one of the main reasons, because I honestly could listen to this guy read the phone book and be all squishy inside. He sounds great whether he’s shouting his trash-talk at a dragon or murmuring some random comment almost as an aside. The character has such depth and thoughtfulness, which really reflects the fact that he has spent more time on Tamriel than the average NPC/follower. I love his insights and his mature approach to situations. He’s idealistic in a way, which is ironic when you think about his back-story, but in the end it just makes him more compelling. He is a wonderful, vibrant, three-dimensional character that adds personality and humanity to a game that needs both.

    Thanks to the creator of Valgus, the writer(s) of the dialogue, and the voice actor. Amazing work, everyone. I just DL’d version 3 and I’m looking forward to exploring it. Cheers!

  7. I LOVE THIS GUY!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just stumbled upon him in a youtube vid and then I had to have him!!!!!!!! I second, third, fourth, and fifth the motion that it would be AWESOME if he had more dialogue, and I would burst out of my skin if he was added to more quests and game play!!!!!!!! BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAD A HAND IN HIS CREATION!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  8. This character is so awesome!!! He’s so in-depth and really added to my game. Are we going to have more dialog and quest updates with this character? I really want more!!!

      1. Hey I have a gift for you guys. I have a painting which I hope is the first fan art for my beloved Valgus!!! I am so in love with this character I could help but make an extra special painting of him with my character Moon. I dedicate this to this site and all the people who worked on Valgus and a special thank you to the voice actor Aranas for making this character come alive and the writers and character developers. I am so inspired but this mod you guys and Valgus is my absolute favorite character!!!! Please use my painting to put on your site or for what ever its yours. My gift to the amazing Valgus creators!!!!! Feel free to comment on my deviant art page and let me know what you guys think of my artwork and download my art for Valgus. I would feel so honored if you could place it on this site!!! I am such a fan girl for this guy!!!

        Here is the link!!!

        Let me know what you think!!!!! ;D

        1. Absolutely beautiful! I’m so happy to see your tribute to Valgus on the front page, showing everyone what an impact the characters in this amazing mod have on its fans. Your Valgus does indeed look Dreamy. :D

  9. This character is fantastic! Excellent job to everyone who took part in his creation. The dialogue, the voice acting, the character depth, all of it, it’s all wonderful Valgus is awesome! <3

  10. I love Valgus. I agree with everyone else’s comments.
    My only issue is that his gentle silky voice is so quiet! I have to listen really carefully to hear what he says. Although I suppose that makes me pay more attention. Anyway I’m really happy that I found this mod. Thanks and keep up the good work! <3

  11. Just a thought for future updates, it would be great if after marriage Valgus had a little more to say on the husband and wife front. You know like when you click on him his little saying on the stones and things, but about you being his wife. Like “I just can’t imagine my life without you in it,” and “Yes my sweet,” or “I can’t believe how much I love you, you have brought light back into my world.” Those kind of things. I know it’s a little sappy, but you gotta love it! :) Anyway just a suggestion, I know I would love to see even these small updates to this already AMAZING character!!!!! Thank you to everyone who helped to create him!

  12. I’m pretty confident that I’ve selected the right responses such as telling him to move on both at the steed stone and at the cemetery. But when I equip my amulet of mara, no the only marriage option that appears is “i wear an amulet of mara. I’m sure you’ve noticed. Everyone does.” To which he replies with “Marriage is an important institution. See that you chose wisely, and remain faithful to your heart.” No other marriage options are available. Is this right?

        1. Yeah, it’s because if you don’t own a home, they default to their original location. For Valgus, that sends him to the Steed Stone. So a house is necessary unless you want to live out in no man’s land.

          For NPCs like Veralene who default to the Skeever, it’s not a problem. Valgus, Rumarin, Raynes, etc require the purchase of a vanilla house.

        2. Sorry for the inconvenience yet again, but I still cannot get any marriage options to be available. I have told him to move on, I’ve purchased a house in Whiterun and yet the only new dialogue option that appears is the one mentioned above and he still continues to reply with the same response as mentioned. Tell me, am I required to complete any quests related to Valgus in order for his marriage options to be accessible?

        3. Oh, he’s straight, so is your character female? I should’ve asked. Other than that, all requirements are the same as vanilla.

          So make sure you’ve talked to Maramal. If you have, make sure he’s in the potential marriage faction and your relationship rank is 4, which you can do via the console. That sort of stuff.

        4. (Sigh) I must be doing something wrong. I’ve spoken to Maramal in Riften, beforehand and have taken him to the cemetery, where I told him to move on.He responds with ” I thank you, my lady. For taking me here and being such pleasant company. In all my travels, I have not met a more resourceful companion. Or a more beautiful one.” Taking that as a sign of success, I equip my Amulet and yet the dialogue still remains the same. Is there still something I’m forgetting to do? I have tried using console commands yet my attempts prove unsuccessful.

    1. Time to go down a checklist.
      – “Sqv DialogueValgus” should be stage 30 or higher
      – Talked to Maramal and got an amulet on
      – Own a house. Like make sure you bought it and can walk in, not just made thane
      – Valgus relationship rank is 4 console code “setrelationshiprank XX0be598 4” with XX as your load order
      – make sure he’s in the potentialmarriagefaction, “addtofaction 19809 1” (should be already, but just in case)
      – You’re female
      – You aren’t already married or running the marriage quest
      – No other mod is removing my edits(meaning, the other marriage dialogue shows up about it being an important institution and stuff)

      If all else fails, try a different house. Or just tell me what version you’re using and I’ll make you an esp where there are no requirements whatsoever.

      1. Turns out that I had to, for no particular reason, re-purchase a house. And before you go assuming that I’m delusional and having way too much of that stuff being sold by that one dude in a sombrero on the corner of my street, I’d like to justify myself by saying that you’re probably right. But I swear that I did purchase that house and that your efforts did not go to waste.

        Anyway, I’d like to thank you for having the god-like patience and time to answer all my pleas for help. Really appreciate it. And sorry you weren’t invited to our wedding. Me and Valgus had like 4 hours to plan it. Don’t take it personally.

      2. Oh, I want my Dovahkiin to marry him so bad!!
        Let’s see…
        – Sqv Dialogue Valgus is at 30, check.
        – Talked with Maramal and has an amulet on, Check…
        – Own a house… Two actually so check.
        – Valgus relationship rank 4, check.
        – marriage faction check…
        – Female?… Oooh, that’s why! I don’t know why I never imagined that was the problem. I just assumed he was playersexual as other marriage options in game :P…

        1. Early on, I wanted to give some characters a distinct sexual orientation. Bisexuality to me is kind of lazy, but I realize gameplay sometimes takes precedence over realism so lately I’ve softened on that somewhat. However, for the older characters sexual preference is kind of hard coded into the dialogue.

          For instance, Jaspar Gaerston, who is also voiced by Aranas, is a gay character who will be marriageable next version, but will not be made bisexual because he’s made it quite clear he’s gay. Same for Raynes.

          Other NPCs where sexual preference isn’t overtly stated or essential to who they are I don’t mind making them Bi.

  13. Aw, Kris… saw your comment on the front page about the Valgus character’s popularity being due solely to his voice actor. You’re so wrong!

    I think that Aranas does a fabulous job (as you might be able to guess from my phone book comment somewhere above :P), and with 3.03, I feel like he’s settling into the Valgus part more comfortably thanks to some of the new lines I’ve heard so far. However, it’s the writing, too! I understand that Aranas helps with suggestions and whatnot to flesh the character out further, but the writing all around is excellent. I’m a writer by trade, so believe me when I tell you that I wouldn’t be half as attracted to the Valgus character without great writing to back up a great voice. The deep, thoughtful quality of his character can be attributed at least as much to what he says as to how he says it.

    In that vein, thank you for continuing to develop this character. He seems to have a lot of new combat-related lines with this latest update, and they do far more to illuminate his character than the non-npc-specific lines I’ve heard from him before. Finally, if you guys run out of ideas and he has to read the Skyrim Yellow Pages part of the time, so be it. I’ll be trusting you to make sure he reads the most interesting ads!

  14. I stumbled upon this whole mod project while looking for voiced, marriageable male followers. Limited dialogue and interaction “marriages” in the vanilla game always seemed a little too much like Stepford comes to Skyrim for my tastes. So I sought, and I found: old, hateful, diseased, and otherwise socially challenged characters. I tilt in a cleric sort of direction, so these guys flat didn’t work. And then, the heavens parted and a ray of light came down from the sky accompanied by a choir of Aedric angels: I found this great project. I have loved the new and interesting characters I’ve met, some I wouldn’t want to play without (Qa’Dojo! I can’t get enough of his feline wisdom and unconventional insights.) But among them…Valgus…*sigh* such a good job with this character, writing and voice acting alike. Between the two marriageable male super followers he’s the clear choice. But sadly, only if your character is female. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that the bulk of the marriageable NPCs are bi is…amazingly awesome…more TES than TES in that “be what you want, go where you want, do what you want” way of the series. AND Rumarin IS well done. But Valgus is, for my tastes, and as has been pointed out, truly “dreamy”. If I had a mic, other than the one on my headset, I’d horse trade voice acting (since I gather you are more in need of that than writers) for you creating a male friendly character similar to Valgus (not necessarily the details of his class or story…but…”alignment”, super follower, character/emotional depth, goose-bump inducing voice). But finding a “dreamy” voiced actor who is willing to take on the role would be the Herculean challenge I suppose (obviously I wouldn’t want to voice him or be too involved with writing him- the whole Captain Janeway/Michael Sullivan dilemma). Ah well…maybe Rumarin will grow on me…or on the normal follower front, maybe Gorr or Raynes grow out of their psychopathy…lol ;) suppose I’ll just have to explore and find out. ;) Thanks again for this mesmerizing, and ten-steps-ahead-of-the-rest project!

    1. Yeah, sorry about that. I didn’t like the fact that NPCs in Skyrim had no sexual identity. Being bisexual made them like amorphous blobs who were both gay and straight and it made them feel shallow.

      For the mod, I decided I would only use bisexuality when having some sort sexual identity wasn’t a part of their character. Zora’s straight because she grew up wanting a prince charming and being a classical princess. Amalee is lesbian because she finds the male form displeasing. Valgus is a very staid romantic, and I imagined him as not being adventurous enough to try out love with another man, although he certainly isn’t homophobic or anything like that. It’s more he’s trying to get over the death of his wife, and some of those feelings/memories bleed over to a female Dragonborn in ways they couldn’t with a male. Raynes, on the other hand, has no such problems and has discovered homosexual relationships offer the testosterone he needs.

      Meanwhile, Isobel would love anyone who’s a hero, man or woman. Rumarin grew up in a sort of hippie free love artist commune, and he goes with the flow. Tikrid is somewhat masculine and feminine at the same time. For others, sex really doesn’t factor into the equation all that much, so bisexuality makes sense for all these types.

      There are other gay characters like Jaspar who may in the future get marriage options. But right now, next on my list are more beast marriage NPCs, even though it’s hard to find a voice for them.

      1. Jaspar would be an excellent candidate…and…perusing the marriage list, the focus on the beast races is understood. Maybe I’ll get a mic for Saturalia and make that horse-trading offer for real. :)

    1. I would, but there are a few issues preventing that from happening:
      – my studio (the place I record) is, well…. embarrassing and unfit for viewing pleasure.
      – I do not have a quality camera or webcam in which to do it. I have a very low quality webcam on my laptop, but that’s it.
      – Due to the way I record, a video of me doing the same as the other voice actor would either be ungodly unentertaining, or take far too much editing to really justify doing it.

      If it’s about seeing what I look like, I do have a facebook and a skype I use to video chat with friends all the time.

  15. Does he actually teach restoration? I didn’t seem to find the dialogue option yet and I’ve already used every option available.

  16. Would be awesome :D
    Since he aims to share his wisdom in restoration with others, it’d be a nice RP-Element too if he actually would teach you how to be a better healer in my opinion

    1. Yeah, I just put it in as “unvoiced content” for now meaning you need to enable the silent dialogue via the console(setstage 3dnpcenable1).

      It could make it into Monday’s update, but Aranas is the only one who knows the answer to that. This time of year everyone is pretty busy, but we’ll see.

  17. I seem to have a problem with Valgus being stuck at level 30 where I am level 43. I was using UFO when I first noticed. I uninstalled UFO per the instructions exactly then downloaded EFF per instructions, and no amount of training/disable/enable seems to get him to catch up. I haven’t even gotten through most of the possible quests he could comment on or have a part in, and I’m loathe to continue on without him as a follower. If it’s of any note, my character and Valgus are married. Any recommendations on where to go from here? (Another note, vanilla followers level alongside me without error).

    1. Valgus’ default level is PCx1 with a floor of lvl 8 and a ceiling of lvl 70, so there shouldn’t be a problem. Probably follower mod related. Is there a console code to give him a higher level?

      1. Sorry, guess I’m all out of ideas. Disabling Better Followers didn’t change anything either. I’ve tried rearranging the load orders backwards and forwards. I’ve tried to let BOSS handle it. I have tried disabling every other mod that has anything to do with followers except this one and EFF. Then tried a command to setlevel 31 and instead (interestingly enough) Valgus is now level 8 again, and trying to “train” him through EFF still doesn’t have results (nor the dis/en able commands). Then tried disabling everything, except 3DNPC and the official addons+unofficial patches. Same results every time. He’s always at level 30 and trying to set his level knocks him down to 8. I’m surely doing something wrong and I’m stressing out about it. I don’t know if anything can be done at this point except start over but then there’s no garauntee that it won’t happen again at playerlevel 31. It’s late, now I’m ranting. I think it’s a testament to how much I love Valgus and his voice actor that I’m so desperately trying to fix this issue.

        1. Well, I can’t really do anything on my end besides raise the level cap, and it’s already at 70(v3.04)

          It likely has something to do with EFF, so you might want to ask there. All I do is use the traits tab in the CK, and either set a hard level or set it to level with the PC.

          You can always try loading up the CK, filtering by Valgus, then giving him a set level as opposed to leveling with the player. just uncheck the PC Level Mult box and type in a number, then save.

        2. Thank you very much for the quick responses. If and when I find a fix, I’d like to let you know.

          Either way I greatly endorse this mod. It gives the game the deeper sense of history and background going-ons that were missing from vanilla. Please also let the voice actor of Griffth and Valgus know that he should probably look into paid voice work or pod casting if he hasn’t already. And to whoever wrote the scripts for said characters, definite kudos. (b’.’)b I really wish I could draw, I would do so much fanart.

  18. TL;DR version:
    I love Valgus. Great character. 24/7 must-have follower for me. 10/10. Best spouse. Maybe you can make it so that we could brawl with him once or more?

    Pretty-damn-long-text version:
    I love this iNPC, I really do. This character is the main reason why I said to myself “Alright, I’m restarting Skyrim and he WILL be my first follower, Riverwood can wait!” two weeks ago as soon as I found him with my (sadly already) max level character and I regret nothing… (I never really had a reason to go to the Steed Stone before… Wish I had found him sooner!)

    I can imagine that a lot love him for his voice, I did at first too, because Aranas’ voice is amazing. However after starting a new game with him as my first (and probably irreplaceable follower as of now), I started to like Valgus even more because of his very well-written dialogue and character. I loved hearing to whatever he had to say to certain events and places, heck, *SPOILERS* he even made me feel bad for doing what Brynjolf told me to do in order to find Esbern. (Sorry, my speech skill sucks, handsome old man :( )

    One thing I really liked about him when running around Skyrim, since he doesn’t pick up any weapons/uses them (Not sure if it’s just me playing skyrim with 40+ mods doing that but he said he’d never pick up a blade again, right?), is that as soon as he ran out of magicka, while fighting some bandits, he started to punch the hell out of them for a short moment which reminded me that he brawls with people sometimes. I’m used to seeing magic-using followers using a one-handed weapon when that happens so that definitely was a nice little scene to watch. (It was kinda hilarious too)

    Would be nice if you could brawl with him for fun occasionally (or once). I had this thought in mind for a bit after talking to Valla while having Valgus with me.

    Valgus is also the first guy in Skyrim I ever thought about marrying… I think I don’t have to explain why. *Cough*

    This is my favorite follower and iNPC so far. It does sometimes annoy me when he rushes into the battle playing mister hero, the not-really thunder mage… But that’s a problem with Skyrim and how it handles followers in general, I suppose. (Thank goodness he saves my behind when I’m low on health, though!) Then again, I’m having him with me because of his character, not his abilities.
    If Valgus is still being worked on (Maybe. I can Imagine you guys are really busy) I’d be really excited for it and looking forward to seeing a new update on him.

    Thank you for making Valgus and this mod, it made Skyrim so much more fun replaying again for more than just an hour or two to test out new mods like I had been doing the last few months.

    Also sorry for my probably long sentences (old habit) and not-so-good expression/grammar, English isn’t my first language, but I really wanted to comment on this character, I think he deserved having me sitting here for an hour (or longer) typing this comment.

    1. The Great War happened 30 years ago, he was like 16-18 or thereabouts, whatever the age is for military infantry. It’s 18 in real life, but in fantasy worlds who knows, people start young.

      So now he’s late 40s, early 50s at the most. In that Clooney-McConaughey range where he’s old/handsome in that distinguished sense as opposed to old and decrepit like Esbern.

      1. Haha i knew it! I kept thinking he cant be that old but then he kept saying “I feel the pull of aetheirus”.

        I love is background. I silently wished to see his wife in sovengard when i went there.

        Also, im using a mod that enchances the silent voice files and i noticed he has a lot of unused voice sets. I would have loved to hear him voice those.

  19. Is he supposed to comment anything if you decide to join the Stormcloaks or the Legion in the Civil War Quest?
    I went to join the Stormcloaks and forgot to dismiss him, did all the Stormcloaks quests and so far he said nothing. It feels so out of character for him, I don’t know, I was expecting him to comment something like he was disapointed over your choice, or maybe grew to understand it, or even choosing to abandon your service when its a Stormcloak mission… Dunno, it’s so out of character for him. I ended up dismissing him because it feels out of character having him aiding me aid the Stormcloaks when he hates Ulfric’s guts to Aetherius (okay, maybe I’m overreacting, but he deslikes the man) and not voice anything about it or against it when he usually voices his distaste to other actions of my Dragonborn such as him being a thief. Just wished he’d say something against it or in favor of it…
    So, is he supposed to comment something and I just have a bug, or not so much?

    1. He’s a healer who’s given up on the politics of war. While he despises Ulfric and his motivations, he doesn’t despise the Stormcloaks, and his conversation about them refers to the soldiers as “victims of his tyranny.”

      Still, extra commentary can be added to show his disappointment. Typically I prioritize lines everyone can enjoy, which is why faction specific dialogue gets pushed aside. But I can add it to the list.

      1. Yes, i understand. It’s not like he’s completly opposed to the Stormcloaks. I was just curious about that since i could have missed commentaries before. He does make some guild related comments, (like the one about Brynjolf and the ones about Koddlak), and sometimes even small unexpected comments (like some in Blackreach). So I don’t know, I was just expecting something, even if it was just a small complaint towards Ulfric, so when i got nothing I was somewhat sad.

        1. Yeah, the suggestion is a good one. It’s just one of the things that tends not to get prioritized when adding new dialogue because it’s faction specific.

          But like with the extra marriage lines, letting me know is a good idea, so I put it on my radar sooner than later. I already wrote a conversation string for Aranas to record – as for when, that’s up to him.

        2. great, i’ll also be needing some griffith lines in the coming weeks, i’ve got a quest that i want to base around the NPCs who have killed Gabania related men, and bring them together in a kind of usual suspects way. as griffith kills gabania himself, it sort of makes sense for him to be there as well.

  20. Any chance you could tweak his skills…i’m no fan girl :P….but i’m a fan boy of this mod who needs a healer, who can actually cast some offensive spells either Conjuration like his profile states….which when i met him at level 9 was still 15…or some destruction which was 20 the imperial starting score.
    he has alot of points in enchanting maybe reallocate those? Idk its your mod you do what you think is best but he would be alot more useful as a follower if he could actually fight.

    Cheers awesome work…you put other offiicial *paid* game writers to shame, especially Bethesda.

    1. table was outdated, it’s actually illusion and enchanting which are his base skills. Enchanting is useless, so I’ll switch that to alteration. might be too late for an old save though, don’t know how changes work mid-stream.

      he’s a support character mostly, he hates fighting.

      oh, and thanks for the support.

  21. Everyone says they love Valgus’ voice, but his dialogue is so quiet I can’t enjoy it! It’s really pulling me out of the Blood of Kings questline and keeping me from using him as a follower. Any hope of getting a volume fix? If I turn up my speakers everyone else becomes way too loud, especially the vanilla voices.

    1. make sure your dialogue is set to max and your music is set somewhere between 50 and 60. i don’t have any problem hearing the softer voices or with loudness on these settings. given how softly he speaks, any louder and he’d sound artificial.

      fiddling with your audio settings is the best solution. the default settings put the music too loud, and i’ve found even the vanilla voices get drowned out unless you alter it.

    2. Here in lies the problem when recording. I can only edit that effects the best lied schematics. The reason you can’t hear Valgus is honestly because of your own audio software. I recorded it basically equally to default decibels. It’s not your fault or mine. It’s just your audio and perhaps even your speakers are out of date. Mine is about the same too. I tried, God knows, I did, but it might be Skyrim, itself. Of all the games I’ve recorded for, Skyim was the absolute hardest to do so.

  22. I have difficulty understanding him as well (and some of his other npc’s), even with the volume up. So I just read the dialogue and click through it quickly when I encounter these characters.

    But glad others are enjoying the voice. That’s what’s great about iNPCs. Such a variety of characters to find enjoyment in.

  23. This is an amazing mod. I am new to modding having only previously played on the console. It has given me so much enjoyment playing Skyrim all over again. I have loved every moment of it. All the characters have added more immersion than I could have hoped!

    I do have one small problem, I have married Valgus and even though I dismiss him he still follows me around. I have checked the console settings and set them to 0 but he still follows. I suspected it may have something to do with AFT as it was causing loads of problems with my game. I have unchecked it but I am still having the issue. Any suggestions?

  24. go to Tweak Options if you have AFT, pick Actions-Dismiss/Normal…from the menu
    If not you may be on a quest with Valgus he won’t stop following until its complete…same thing happened to me with Anum Lu

  25. Valgus hasn’t discussed his wife with me at all. It didn’t come up when I found him at the steed stone. It hasn’t come up since then, either, and we’ve been to every graveyard in Skyrim. Did I miss something or, I dunno, upset him in some way? (fWIW, I own a vanilla house and have an amulet of Mara.)

  26. For whatever reason, his dialogue option that’s meant to trigger in cemeteries won’t. Special dialogue from being at an Imperial camp and the Arcanaeum will however show up, it just doesn’t seem to at any graveyard. Any explanation as to what I’m doing wrong or the reason this is happening would be appreciated.

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