Varksys – Dark Elf Butcher

Script said “defeat the point”

Yeah, I do. That would kind of defeat the purpose.

murder investig

Are any of the refugees here from High Rock?
Not that I know of. If they made it that far, there’d be no reason to come back to Skyrim.

Do you know if anyone has a taste for Argonian Bloodwine?
Well, if there is, it’sprobably some fool who feels guilty about the whole slavery thing.
So they drink Argonian swill and praise Argonian work ethic because they think it absolves them.

If I had to guess, I’d bet my life Councilor Aldryn drinks the stuff.

If I had to guess, I’d bet my life Councilor Aldryn drank the stuff.

Scene with Fervaysi

Varksys, I found ear bits and other cartilage in the ground beef you sold me last week.

Sorry Councilor, it won’t happen again.

That would be a problem, my dear butcher. I’m an alchemist. The more body parts, the better.

Scene with Casival

Hey kid, you know how to play cards? Me and some of the other boys are setting up a game on Middas.

Well, I’m not familiar with all the rules, to be honest.

Not to worry, it’s just a friendly game. Trust me, you’ll be fine.

Okay, if you say so. 

Scene with Nevyn

You still in for that card game, Nevyn?

Yeah, I can get Verah to cover for me, so long as it isn’t on the weekend.

Great. I’ve got a couple easy marks to join us too. Green as cabbages.

You should go easy on the young ones, Varksys.

Ha! Now why would I do that?

Well, for one, you might scare them off. You can’t play Iron Hearts with yourself now, can you?

poker hellos

We’re just having a friendly game. Locals only.

My father taught me how to play. Only time I ever bonded with the old man is when we after each other’s gold.

poker scene 1

Poker scene

So if the Ace is a one, how is it higher than all the other numbers? This is confusing.

You’re over-thinking it, kid. This isn’t arithmetic. It’s just the way the rules are written.

Just think of the ace as someone with two jobs. It can be either an innkeep or a wench. How you play it depends on the rest of your hand.

Wait, so if it’s a face card too, does that mean I have a straight?

(groan – everybody does this line save Casival)

Son of a guar….

What? Did I win?

Just take the goddamn money.

Poker 2

I want to raise. Having all of the same color is a good thing right?

Only if it’s the same shape and color. Hearts and diamonds aren’t the same.

Oh…then can I take it back?

I don’t see why not.

No, it’s too late, he already said the words. I call. Let’s see it.

Yeah, I got nothing. I was trying to make a flush, but I only matched the colors. 

You didn’t even do that. There’s a spade in your hand.

Oh right…Five cards make a hand, not four! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Well, that’s the price of experience.

Varksys, the kid’s got a full house.

Oh for the love of Mara, you can’t be serious!

Does that mean I win?

Nocturnal curse you boy. Yes, you won.

Scene with Prophet

You got some nerve preaching in the marketplace, telling lies about Zannfar.

Then think of me as a vendor. I sell the truth.

What you’re selling is poison.

The same could be said for you, butcher.





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