Veralene Ashwood


Veralene Ashwood
Encounter Solitude or Markarth
Locations The Winking Skeever, Blue Palace, Shops (Solitude), Silver-Blood Inn
Race Breton Gender Female
Level 1 Class Citizen
RefID XX0a3d52 BaseID XX09DB74
Health 50 Magicka 50
Stamina 50
Primary Skills Conjuration, Alteration, Restoration, Speech, Alchemy
Morality No Crime Confidence Average
Inventory Fine Clothes, Fine Boots, Amulet of Mara, Goat Cheese Wedge, Alto Wine, Gold (50)
Voice Marcy Edwards

Veralene is a former resident of Helgen whose farm provided food and horses to the Imperial soldiers living in the city. After the dragon attack, she was left with nothing. However, determined to maintain the lifestyle she is accustomed to, she travels between Solitude and Markarth looking for a wealthy person to marry.

Veralene is a marriage character whose option is central to the character as opposed to gameplay. Nevertheless, she was still given additional marriage-related dialogue in the event a player chose her as their spouse.


6 thoughts on “Veralene Ashwood”

  1. I liked the character of Veralene a lot, she seems very realistic given the fantasy environment of the game. Her demanding and avaricious nature, combined with her high society aspirations and downright snobbishness, all of which sit in stark and often hilarious contrast to her constrained circumstances, actually remind me an awful lot of some of the women that I know – right down to the dramas, petulant attention-seeking, constant nitpicking, and negativity. She even looks like her, right down to the scowl and pout. Veralene made me roar with laughter and although I know that she’s far from being a popular character that’s included by this mod, I found her immensely entertaining and kept her around for a long time, my character even married her just so that I could enjoy listening to her marriage dialogue.

    What I would like to see in Veralene’s development is for her to either become a follower, or be scripted to follow up on her desire to indulge in some social climbing at court. In terms of sheer ambition she’s a poor man’s Maven Black-Briar, and it would be fun to see her be given some quests that allow her to (potentially) get some of the power, wealth and influence that she craves, using the player as her vehicle to obtaining these of course, which she could then entertainingly screw up and of course blame it all on the player. Thus suitably chastened she might soften up a bit and be more accepting of her lot (or not… )

    I thought that she was a very well-realised and true-to-life character who was much more believable than the stock fantasy/RPG npc, which after all is the aim of the mod.

    1. Thanks, I find Veralene to be hilarious as well, although I understand if she rubs some people the wrong way. I considered making her more attractive but in the end I liked her scowl better. Expanding her would be difficult, as I’m fairly certain Marcy has moved on to other projects, but perhaps at some point down the road she’ll come back to the mod.

      1. I love the idea of Veralene, at least in concept, but I find myself never doing much with her because she’s kind of a static, one-note character at the present. In the future, if Marcy does return, it might be nice to see Vera becoming more dynamic. Regardless, she’s still neat to listen to for a bit.

  2. At first I wanted to punch her right in the face, but after a little while, especially when married, I realised how hilarious Veralene is! My only problem though, is that she suddenly wanders off from the house in Whiterun to her normal routine from Solitude to Markarth, without returning to Breezehome. Is this normal?

    1. Shouldn’t be. Her base AI packages are always the lowest priority. The marriage sandbox packages should always override it as they are set to priority 40. Only the Follower quest is higher at 50.

      Base packages are actually less than zero. But who knows, Veralene has never been one to give two shits about game engine rules.

  3. Married her. My lowborn, unwanted, aspiring mage-thief turned shadowy operator enjoys coming home to a very attractive, educated, noble-blooded spouse even if it’s just a ruse. I picture her grandstanding, political nature to be the ultimate ruse to keep people off my trail.

    A+, just wish she’d put out.

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