Vigilance and Virtue


Vigilance and Virtue
Quest Giver Viranya, Keerava
Locations Stendarr’s Beacon, Cronvangr Cave, Mara’s Eye, Windhelm, Morthal
Prerequisites Received all blessings in the Way of the Nine, spoken to Among-the-Hist, Rinori
Related Quests The Way of the Nine
Enemy Level PC x 1 Class LvlVampireBoss
Quest ID Viranyaquest Editor ID XX17A1F7
NPCs Viranya, Rinori, Among-the-Hist, Falion, Feldas
Reward Gold, Curing Rinori of Vampirism

Vigilance and Virtue is a quest that unites members from two separate orders, The Virtuous Blood and The Vigilants of Stendarr in order to hunt a common foe. The quest also brings closure for the vampire Rinori, as the Dragonborn’s actions will help determine her fate.

The Vigilant
After receiving all nine blessings in the Way of the Nine quest, the player can return to Viranya or receive a message from her at the Bee and Barb, provided he/she has already spoken to Among-the-Hist and Rinori.

Viranya will allude to the events in Dawnguard and the growing vampire menace, and will suggest she and the Dragonborn investigate nearby Cronvangr Cave after reports of vampire activity. Shortly after arrival, the pair find a secret vampire lair hidden behind a rock wall. Viranya finds one of her comrades splayed over a table.

– Originally Viranya was part of the Vigilant faction that was killed during the events of Dawnguard, but was since moved to Stendarr’s Beacon.
– Meshes from Dawnguard are used for the deathhounds, but does not require the DLC to be installed.

The Virtuous
Viranya curses the vampires for being craven when Among-the-Hist enters the cabin. After a brief introduction, he informs her that he has captured one of the thralls and is planning on interrogating him.


The vampire is revealed to be Rinori’s brother Feldas. He is coaxed into betraying his clan, and informs the hunters they are led by a pair of twins who reside in the tunnels underneath Mara’s Eye. Among-the-Hist realizes the twin vampires are the very same changelings who butchered the family of his former partner, Arlas.

Mara’s Eye
Upon reaching Mara’s Eye, Among-the-Hist and Viranya find evidence of vampires. They follow the trail further to an underground tunnel that takes them directly to Windhelm. However, unlike the story told by Rinori, the tunnels go to a warehouse and not the riverbed.  Viranya believes this is proof that Rinori had deceived him, and is possibly the twin they are searching for.

– The Dragonborn can convince Among-the-Hist that Rinori should be killed. This will result in the alternate ending.

The Meaning of Virtue
Convincing Among-the-Hist that Rinori has deceived him will send the group to the Hall of the Dead where the Dunmer vampire is confronted and killed. However, if the PC opts to trust Rinori, the group will instead investigate the New Gnisis Cornerclub, where Morviah will reveal that a pair of twins have been staying at the various residences in the Gray Quarter.

After vanquishing the twins, Viranya will thank the player and Among-the-Hist and return to Stendarr’s Beacon. Among-the-Hist will then ask the PC to help him cure Rinori. However, upon reaching the ritual area, the Argonian will inform the player that he wishes to sacrifice his own life in place of a black soul gem.


While saving Rinori proves vampirism can be considered a curable disease, it also means he failed to see the humanity in his former partner Arlas, and as a result feels responsible for his death.  Thus Among-the-Hist believes offering his own life to save Rinori’s will serve as a form of contrition for his mistake.

– The player must arrive at the ritual area between 7AM and 5PM. If the player uses the wait function, they may have to exit and re-enter the ritual area for the trigger box to fire.
– After being cured, Rinori will return to Windhelm and assume the same schedule.

Vigilance and Virtue (Viranyaquest)
Stage Information
0 PC has received blessings in The Way of the Nine, spoken to Among-the-Hist and Rinori.
5 Viranya briefs the player on the recent vampire attacks.
10 Viranya asks the PC to escort her to Cronvangr Cave.
20 With the vampires slain, Viranya inspects corpse. Among-the-Hist makes his appearance. The pair proceed to interrogate a vampire named Feldas
45 After a series of scenes, Among-the-Hist accompanies Viranya and the PC to Mara’s Eye.
55 Among-the-Hist suspects the vampires are digging a tunnel to Windhelm. Mara’s Eye Tunnel trap door unlocked.
80 Inside the tunnels, Viranya posits that Rinori has lied to the Argonian. Given the group can get separated, the two are teleported to the PC to ensure this scene plays.
90 The PC chooses to trust Rinori. The vampire twins are enabled at the New Gnisis Cornerclub.
91 The PC convinces Among-the-Hist of Rinori’s guilt.
95 The vampire twins are found at the Cornerclub.
96 Rinori is attacked by Viranya and Among-the-Hist.
98 Either Rinori or the twins are killed.
110 Rinori is set as a player teammate and follows the PC.
120 Falion begins the ritual.
200 The ritual is complete and Rinori is cured.

Notes: Stages 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 75, 85, 92, 94, 99, 100, 105, 125, 130, 140, and 150 are set during scenes or when entering a trigger at the appropriate stage.

29 thoughts on “Vigilance and Virtue”

  1. Having a bit of a problem with this quest. The body of the vigilant does not appear, using console commands (setstage 20) makes the body appear and this scene play as normal. Among-the-Hist appears, interrogates thin air then just stands there.

    I have tried downloading the most recent update but their are no changes.

  2. This quest was untouched by the dialogue overhaul, so shouldn’t be any issues like with Raven/WayofNine, which were borked by my monologue splitting obsession. Tested and works fine. Uploading video now, should be up in a few minutes.

    1. Notice I’m at stage 15 in the cave. Killing vampires sets to stage 20, which enables both the body and the scene. Maybe you killed them so fast the game couldn’t count the bodies correctly, dunno. Perhaps in some freak accident, one of the vampire aliases didn’t fill.
    2. Even then, setting to stage 20 should start the scene. It’s possible that Viranya got stuck somewhere. Waiting an hour or moving her via the console will allow her to reach the body. (does look like the wiki is wrong, updating to 20 instead of 15)

    I think given your description, the first thing to ask is what happened to Viranya.

  3. Hello, I have a problem with this quest. After completing it I cant recruit any of the followers from the mod, they always say I already have a companion. I can recruit any other followers from the vanilla game just fine.

  4. I was directed to among-the-hist after I asked for rumours at the bee and barb. I went to his cave,but he will not talk to me. He only fights and he is unkillable. Is this a bug?

    1. nope, set to unaggressive, tested just now, and first I’ve heard of this ever(with many users having him as a follower).

      as for a possible explanation, perhaps you attacked him accidentally, or are part of a faction that all NPCs attack on sight regardless of their aggression level.

  5. I think this problem came from this quest. I completed the quest and now every one of the 3dNPC followers say a follower is following me, but no one is. How do I get the count set back to zero?

  6. A very minor problem, however – the dead bodies of the two Dunmer vampires and of Among-the-Hist never get cleaned up. At least, in my game, they didn’t.

      1. Doesn’t Rinori also say that she arranged for the Argonian’s body to be properly buried, or am I confusing things? If I don’t, this is also a good place for a disable script.

  7. I seem to have a problem with this quest.
    The tunnel at Mara’s Pond is locked by a key and I can’t find the key anywhere.

    1. The tunnel is opened at stage 55, which is triggered by ATH’s talking about Rinori during the following quote:

      “You spoke to the sister, did you not? Hers whose family was taken. Remember what she said about the vampires? How they used the river to phase through the ice?”

      “setstage viranyaquest 55” should also unlock, or using the “unlock” command in the console. If you aren’t at that particular stage and just found the tunnel via exploration, then yes, it’s supposed to be locked.

      A scene should’ve triggered upon entering the cave, btw. You can type “sqv viranyaquest” to make sure you’re past stage 50. Stage 50 triggers the scene that sets stage 55.

  8. Im in the tunnels and every time i try to go up the ladder to the warehouse it crashes to desktop, its happened for about 10 seperate attempts, any idea’s?

      1. teleporting does the same ctd, only got the 2 quest guys with me, i cant think what kind of mod i could possibly be using that would cause this to happen

        1. Well, not something I can replicate, nor have I ever heard of it happening before. The only difference between your game and everyone else’s would be the PC, the save game, and the mods.

          And of course CTDs are usually caused by one or some sort of combination of the three.

          If it’s the PC, you can try mods that are aimed to reduce CTDs and the amount of system resources required, such as Safety Load and the like.

          As far as mods, anything that alters that cell can cause incompatibilities.

          If nothing else, you can “setstage viranyaquest 85” then teleport the 2 back to your location, or try entering the warehouse after they teleport away.

  9. It’s very annoying that as a vampire meeting Among-the-Hist for the first time makes him direct me to Falion in Morthal to get cured before we can talk properly, but then once this quest starts he sacrifices himself not realizing that Falion had a vampire cure. What gives?

    1. He’s sacrificing himself as penance for killing his best friend, because he could’ve cured him and made no effort to. He does not want to sacrifice another person’s life, which is what a black soul gem rquires.

  10. It’s very annoying that as a vampire meeting Among-the-Hist for the first time makes him direct me to Falion in Morthal to get cured before we can talk properly, but then once this quest starts he sacrifices himself not realizing that Falion had a vampire cure. What gives?

    1. He’s sacrificing himself as penance for killing his best friend, because he could’ve cured him and made no effort to. He does not want to sacrifice another person’s life, which is what a black soul gem requires.

  11. I can’t get the quest to start at all…Viranya is at stendarr’s beacon, and will barely talk to me about anything, and Keerava won’t give me any note. I completed all the prereq’s a while ago, any ideas what’s messed up?

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