Virgil and Hawk Script

Hey, are you friends with those Outcasts? The soldiers in Power Armor.

I wouldn’t call us friends, but they aren’t hostile, if that’s what you mean.
I guess that’s as close as you’ll get. They aren’t exactly people persons.
Most of those wackos would rather screw a nail than nail their own spouses.
Or screw their own spouses, I forget how the joke goes. The point is they like machines.

We get along, more or less. Why?
I’d be careful around them. Being social isn’t their strong point.

I really don’t have an opinion on them either way.
That’s probably best. You don’t want to get too close to them.

Those idiots are dead to me. And they can be dead to you, for a price.
Well, I don’t want them dead, but I can’t say it’d be much of a loss.

What are you doing in this store?
Getting to know my enemy. See, I’m with a group that tracks down lost technologies like the stuff you see here.
But unlike the Brotherhood or the Outcasts, our goal is to dismantle this tech before it becomes a threat.

So you’re Luddites.
In a way. But we’re not against technology per se, just the kind that can be used as a weapon.
Which does happen to cover a very large swath of things. We should really stop being so creative in how we kill each other.

It’s not the technology that’s a threat, it’s the men who use them.
Maybe, but it takes more than a screwdriver and a pocket wrench to change human nature.
The same can’t be said for the average laser-shooting toaster.

That’s an admirable goal.
We like to think so.  But it’s hard not to see why. We blew up the world once. It’d be pretty stupid if humanity didn’t learn from that mistake.

With the world in shambles, we need technology now more than ever.
I agree. We need furnaces to heat our homes, and a fridge to store our food.
But I don’t see why you’d need a Tri-Beam Laser Rifle to vaporize your dinner.
I think I prefer my meat a little less “well done.”

What are your thoughts on the Brotherhood of Steel?
They’re a bunch of well-meaning idiots, if you pardon my French.
Yeah, they might save us from the mutants. But they won’t save us from ourselves.

Why do you consider the Outcasts a problem?
They’re obsessed with technology, and that’s never a good thing.
It’s that kind of attitude that put us in this situation in the first place.
But right now, my problem isn’t with them so much as where they’re living.

You need something from Fort Independence?
Just some information that’s on one of the terminals. The problem is, the bunker’s locked.

I could get on good terms with them. Maybe they’ll let me inside.
You could do that, but you’d probably need to sneak in anyway.
But I do have something that’ll let you walk freely once you’re inside.

Say no more. You want me to kill them all.
It doesn’t have to come to that. I’ve got something that’ll let you walk around that bunker, once you get inside.

I don’t like the idea of breaking into a place.
I’m not saying you have to hurt anyone. In fact, my people pride ourselves in finding ways to do things without shedding blood.

What did you have in mind?
Here. Try this on. Just something I welded together while trying to think of ways into that fort.
It’s not as hefty as the real thing, so don’t try and wear it into a fight.
But it should be enough to fool those Outcasts.

What’s on this terminal that’s so important?
Well, if you know anything about the military industrial complex, you’ll know the United States army was well financed.
Some of that money goes to wars you’re fighting, some of it goes to wars you might fight in the future.
And then there’s funding that goes to wars you might fight after that future comes.
On that terminal is the location of a weapon. Something built specifically for a post-apocalyptic hellscape.

How did you find out about this terminal?
I just followed the bread crumbs. You open up a terminal and maybe it mentions a top secret project.
Then you read another terminal that says a scientist on that project is being transferred to Fort Independence.
I’d like to say it took a little more sleuthing on my part, but it’s really just an adult version of connect the dots.

All right. I’ll do it.
Good. Just put on that armor and helmet and you’ll blend right in. In fact, I have no idea how they tell each other apart.
Let’s hope they don’t either.

Thanks, but I’ll have to decline. Here’s you armor back.
No, you keep it. I can always make more. And who knows, talk to enough Outcasts and you might change your mind.

I’ve heard Outcasts wear their helmets when they sleep. Makes you wonder if they’re more machine than man.

(player wearing armor)
You look good. Well, evil, but good.

What do you need?

What else can you tell me about this weapon?
Not much, other than the codename. Project ZX Ultra. It sounds fancy enough.
When you’re that flush with cash, you can fund a lot of strange projects that range from scary to idiotic, or worse yet, both.
Either way, I sincerely doubt this project has humanity’s best interests at heart.

I have to go now.
All right. But remember, if you aren’t wearing the armor, those Outcasts will shoot you the moment you step into that bunker.

Good luck.

Happy hunting.

player returns after accessing terminal

You’re back. Did you find the terminal?

The factory’s north of the Anchorage War Memorial, but entry requires a password.
A password? Did it say what kind?

I don’t know, but there are clues tied to the first four amendments and local landmarks.
I guess I better brush up on my history then. There’s a man in Rivet City who knows a lot about Pre-War government. I’ll talk to him.
In the meantime, do me a favor and see if you can find these clues.
Maybe together we can find a way in.

Do you have any idea where I should look?
Well, I don’t know that much about the Bill of Rights, but if it’s freedom of the press, then we’re probably talking about a newspaper company.
Try the Capitol Post building. See if you can’t find anything there.

What other advice do you have?
Just be sure to stick to Pre-War locations. So nothing after the year 2077.
You aren’t going to find anything in Megaton, because back then Megaton didn’t exist.
The other piece of advice would be to go to the type of buildings that would survive the nukes.
You’re much better off searching a large building as opposed to some old shack out in the sticks.

All right, I’ll try the Capitol Post.
Great. When you’re done, meet me in Rivet City. I’ll have a copy of those amendments.
We can use that to find the rest of the clues.

Get to the Post and see if you can’t find anything. I’ll meet you in Rivet City.

player meets him in Rivet City

Abraham Washington’s got it right. Men like him will do well to preserve the good parts of the old world.
But it’s up to men like us to dismantle the bad.

Whatever. I’m more curious than anything.
Well, so far you’re helping, so we’ll save the awkward conversations for after you betray me.
Did you find anything at the Post?

We’ll see. This technology the government was making might benefit mankind.
That’s what they said about nuclear power and my mother-in-law’s lasagna. Both nearly killed me in the end.
But enough about the evils of the world. Did you find anything at the Post?

You’re right. We must do what we can.
Oh good, so you agree.
I thought after sending you on that errand you’d want to strangle me instead.
I even bought a neck brace just in case.

I disagree. Wars are a part of life, and the better your weapon, the better your chance to win.
Well, I don’t think you’ll be saying that when we see the carnage this weapon can cause.
I doubt the US government went to these sort of lengths to build the world’s most ethically superior soldier.

I found a dead Brotherhood Outcast. He had this holotape on him.
Damn. So they’re a step ahead of us. Right now, the best way to catch up is to figure out these clues.
The holotape mentions the Capitol Post logo. I’m guessing the rest of the clues are visual too.

Do you have a copy of the Bill of Rights?
I do, as a matter of fact. It’s right here. This should make things easier to parse.
When you find all ten clues, come back here and we’ll go over them together.

Who do you think killed the Brotherhood Outcast?
I don’t know. Out in the wastes, the answer could be any number of things, but I’d be careful, just in case.

I want to dicuss these clues.
Sure. Which amendment are we talking about?

Passwords tend to be numbers or letters, so we’re looking for a number I think.
It might be a good idea to go back to the Post and look at the logos in the building, as opposed to on a newspaper.
Not much help, I know, but my advice is to not overthink it.
Sometimes the answer’s staring you right in the face.

Ah, everyone’s favorite. The right to bear arms. I doubt we’re talking about a local gun store though.
It’d have to be a major Pre-War gun runner, like L.O.B. Enterprises or Heckler and Koch.

That’s the one about the government turning your home into a barracks.
So I’d find an actual Pre-War barracks. But not a place where they’d normally stay, like a Fort.
I remember reading about a National Guard Depot that was supposed to be a fallback location for troops. Might want to check there.

Search and seizure. This is a bit on the meta side, but maybe you could try searching his home.
On the Fort Independence terminal, you mentioned he lived in Georgetown near this McClellan family. You might find something there.

That’s all the questions I have.
All right. Let me know if you need any more help tracking down those clues.

I want to discuss the clues I’ve found.
Sure. Which clue are we talking about?

I found another dead soldier at L.O.B. Enterprises. Enclave this time.
The Enclave? Shit. Well, if we’re lucky, maybe the Enclave and the Outcasts will be too busy shooting each other to see us coming.
The important thing is you got the clue. My guess is the soldier was trying to relay the information to his brothers, so it should be trustworthy.

What are the Stripes of Valor and Bravery on the American flag?
Don’t know, but there’s only two sets of stripes on the flag, white and red.
As colors go, one’s usually associated with purity, the other with blood.

The last clue points to an address on Bradley Place.
That should be easy enough to find. Hope you wrote it down.

player returns to Rivet City, sees Virgil arguing with Hawk, an older soldier-looking guy


I don’t like it, Virgil. We’ve never been the type to rely on outsiders.

You’ve never been. I’ve never been stubborn enough to refuse a helping hand.

Just be sure it’s a helping hand and not a fist.


So you’re the one Virgil got to help us. Jesus, you’re just kid.

I’m nineteen years old and my daddy says I’m all grown up.
You think you’re funny, but out there, experience matters.

Age means nothing. I’ve proven my worth.
My apologies then. A lot of kids grow up fast in the wastes. But you sure don’t look the part.

Not only that, I’ve spent most of my life underground.
And Virgil trusts you? I think he needs to get his eyes checked. Or at the very least, his brain.

And you’re a decrepit old man. What’s your point?
Ha, you got me there kid. Let’s just hope your bite is as loud as your bark.

How do you know Virgil?
He didn’t tell you? We’re Luddites. We hunt old technology, and take it apart so it can’t do any more harm.
Virgil also happens to be my son in law. So I’ve got a vested interest in keeping him alive.

Are you here to help us?
I’m here to warn you more like it. Virgil told me all about the factory on the Potomac, and the dead Outcast you found at the Post.
And from what I hear, this might involve the Enclave too.
So yeah, you’re gonna need a little more muscle if you want to get into that factory in one piece.

Except we don’t need muscle if we have the password.  How goes the search?

I’ve got the clues, but I’m still having trouble deciphering them.
Well, maybe I can help, but if worst comes to worst, I’m not against just punching in a bunch of numbers and hoping the system locks up.

I know the password. We shouldn’t have any problems getting in.
Great. We’re still a step behind the Outcasts, but if we’re the only ones with the password, that might not be the worst thing.

Having the password won’t mean a damn thing if we can’t defend ourselves.
Right, you’re thinkng we open the door, and the bad guys will just drop in and steal it, like some Pre-War radio show.
Look, real life doesn’t work that way. We aren’t opening the door until the location is secure.

All right. I’ll meet you at the Potomac.
See you there.

We’ll meet you at the facility.

See ya.

Pre-War tech’s is like an apple in the Garden of Eden. Best not take a bite.

Something you need?

meet outside building

Great, you made it. I couldn’t tell if the gunshots were coming from inside or out, but it’s all quiet now.
Either way, we should tread lightly.

enter building

Looks like the Enclave and the Outcasts had themselves a fight. How about we poke our heads in there and see who won.

We should also keep an eye out for the main console. Entering the password in that should open the doors to the factory floor.

wrong password

Looks like the door’s still shut. Check your notes and try again.

Nope. Still not right. Are you sure you read the clues properly?

Ergh…Maybe we can shatter those windows and climb through. I’m sure the Enclave soldiers tried that already though.

correct password 

Good work! That should give us access inside the main facility.

Where can we find more information on Project ZX Ultra?
Well, you can try the terminal on the desk. I did see some notes, but they were for military grade security bots.
Nothing out of the ordinary there.

What does the Enclave want with this tech?
They’re probably just looking for an edge. Pre-War tech can be the difference between living in a country and ruling it.

All right, let’s go.
It’s probably best if you take the lead and Hawk watches the rear.

Don’t worry. If I see anyone in metal, I’ll be coming at them swinging.

enter main facility, see giant military robot


God have mercy on our souls. What is that thing?

It’s our weapon. And we need to do whatever we can to shut it down.


It looks like there’s another terminal downstairs that unlocks this control panel.
You’re gonna have to enter another password, so I hope you held on to your notes.

How do you plan to dismantle something that size?
From what I gathered, the self-destruct sequence can be initiated through the console here.
But the password has to be entered down below.
You go down there, enter the password, then come up here and we’ll blow the sucker up.

You better hurry too. I took a peek outside, and we’ve got more hostiles at the front door.


Can we really take that thing apart? It’s got screws bigger than my whole body!

We’ll stay up here and wait for your signal.

robot destroyed

It’s done, thanks to you. You gave me just enough time to reset the targeting parameters.
Otherwise it would’ve locked on you first and not our Enclave friends.

No problem, just doing my job.
And you do it well. It’s too bad you’re an outsider.
We’re always looking for new blood, and saving the Wasteland isn’t something you’ll see on most people’s resumes.

That was practically a suicide mission.
Yeah, but you’re alive. Chances are if we switched places, all of D.C. would have a tough time saying the same.

Phew! I don’t know what happened, but you must’ve triggered the alarm somehow.
Granted, you did inadvertently restore power, which gave me time to hack console, if not the targeting parameters.
Either way, it didn’t matter. You had more than enough brawn to make up for any lack of brains.

Hey, we’re alive, aren’t we?
You’re right. If it weren’t for you, I’m sure we’d all be tortured and executed.
Not to mention what would happen to the rest of D.C. if this thing fell into the wrong hands.
Which judging by the size of it, is anyone’s hands but ours.

I’m sorry. I fucked up.
Shit, I didn’t mean it as an insult. You saved our butts.

What will you do now?
Well, Hawk and I will probably go through this entire factory for any Pre-War tech that might pose a threat.
Can’t have a big, secret, government facility without half a dozen doomsday devices stuffed in the trash bin.
Either way, I’m sure we can take it from here. Thanks again.


According to the notes here, the original thought was that post-atomic war, there’d be giant mutants walking out of the sea.
So the government figured they needed to build a robot to fight them. Your tax dollars at work.

I read a comic book once where a boy piloted a mech that large. I don’t think this is what the author was trying to inspire.

There’s a lot of interesting things here, I’m sure.

Is it really dead?

You did good kid. It was fun working with you.


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