Even if you can’t contribute to the mod itself, you can still help the project by volunteering for one of the following. Send your submissions to kristakahashi@gmail.com

Wiki Project
This just involves filling tables up with relevant data, such as refID and inventory for new NPCs and Quest pages, and adding the relevant screenshots. A sample page would be here:


Basically you’ll be given editor powers, and then use WordPress’ “copy a page” feature to copy the table format from an existing page. Then you simply change the values.

• You only have to input the values you can – For instance, if you don’t know how to use the CK, the BaseID is unnecessary. If you have some crazy hair and big booty mod, then I’ll handle the screenshots.

Blog Posts
If you have a story that involves the NPCs, or want to write something either about the mod or shit, video games in general, that would fall under this category. Even something like video game reviews or the funny thing your cat did that one time. To recap:

• Original stories and experiences playing Skyrim
• General video game commentary
• Video Game Reviews and Thoughts

Fan Art
If you can draw, or even if you can’t, I will post your misshapen artwork.

3 thoughts on “Volunteers”

  1. hi first of all i really love this mod and i really appreciate the work youve been putting in this project. skyrim is as bland as cold oatmeal without interesting npcs and if you’d let me, i would like to share some npc ideas and concepts that i’ve been fiddling with, if it’s ok. i can make some concept art and write stories, tho i’m a little meh on scriptwriting, so, if it intrigues you, email me! :)

  2. I salute you and all the awesome people you work with. This mod is truly amazing. Thank you so much for all the effort.

    Please kindly accept my meager donation and have a beer on me.

    May the nine bless you all!

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