Encounter Fort Hraggstad (Imperial Controlled)
Locations Fort Hraggstad
Quests N/A
Race Nord Gender Male
Level PC x 1 (Max: 50) Class Citizen
RefID XX2a08af BaseID XX2a08a5
Health Levels with PC Magicka Levels with PC
Stamina Levels with PC
Primary Skills One-Handed, Enchanting, Restoration
Morality No Crime Confidence Foolhardy
Inventory ArmorImperialHeavyOutfitNoHelmet, SteelMace
Voice sveekins

Ylgyne can be found in the bandit chief’s quarters in Fort Hraggstad. However, if the player is a member of the Imperials and attempting to clear the fort, he will not appear until the quest is completed.


7 thoughts on “Ylgyne”

  1. He’s definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed, and honestly I wasn’t expecting much when I sought him out. But somehow, his stupidity manages to be very endearing. He’s not a cruel simpleton; he’s an amiable one. Great voice acting too; for some reason I was reminded of Inigo Montoya. Ylgyne’s fortunate features are balanced out by his less than remarkable intelligence, and his story of why he is an Imperial instead of a Stormcloak is very believable, especially when you take his personality into account.
    Again, a lovely job on this fellow. Every NPC made is interesting and unique, no matter how many are added or how small of a part they play.

  2. Just finished the Civil War, and wanted to switch Ylgyne for Rumarin. However, upon getting back to Windhelm for the first time after the battle, I didn’t have the option to dismiss Ylgyne. I have all of his commands and dialogue options except the dismissal. Rumarin, in turn, won’t talk to me; I tried disabling/enabling him to see if he had died; kiling/resurrecting him (which has worked for me in the past), and talking to him while he was standing and sitting. None of it worked. I have no mods that interfere with followers and recently did a fresh reinstall of Skyrim, so I don’t see what’s the problem.

        1. Yeah, the count is irrelevant to the follower system, it just makes Rumarin think you have no one following you, because his dialogue is conditioned to check if the count is 0 or 1.

          If it’s at 0, Rumarin will say “Yes, I’ll follow you.” Then when you recruit him, the script forcibly boots whoever was in the follower alias.

  3. i noticed something strange with him, i just had him as a follower and already he is commenting on us having kids?
    a little fast dont u think??? xD

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