Zannfar Script


Scene with Prophet 1

Still preaching your nonsense to the citizens, I see.

Do you have a problem with my presence, Zannfar? Or is it my words that sting you.
After all, nothing hurts more than the truth.

You’ve got it all wrong, fetcher. I like having you here. 
Whenever they think they might be better off with Aldryn, you show up and remind them how crazy his followers are.

Scene with Prophet 2

Mark my words, Zannfar. When the true prophet returns, all your machinations will be for naught.

If Aldryn rises up from the grave, I’ll just kill him again. All I have to do is strangle the fetcher who raised him.

Are you implying I would practice necromancy?

I didn’t say anything. You did.

for future reference leaving link here:


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