Zora Fair-Child


Zora Fair-Child
Encounter Brittleshin Pass
Locations Riverwood, Sleeping Giant Inn
Quests The Children Fair, Pit Dogs, Faces and Names, An End to Keep
Dialogue Locations Riverwood, Solitude, Silver-Blood Inn (Ogmund must be present)
Race Breton Gender Female
Level PC x1 Class CombatBarbarian
RefID XX0ef4a8 BaseID XX0EF4A6
Health Levels with PC Magicka Levels with PC
Stamina Levels with PC
Primary Skills Two-handed, Light Armor, Block, Archery
Morality No Crime Confidence Average
Inventory Scaled Boots, Scaled Cuirass, Steel Greatsword, Tundra Cotton
Voice Viridiane

Zora Fair-Child is involved in a number of quests and is one of a handful of followers with a wide array of commentary, trade dialogue, and combat taunts.

In version 3.05, Zora will be switched to Combat Barbarian class to reflect the fact that her armor is light while still wielding a two-handed weapon. She was previously a CombatWarrior2H which scales toward heavy armor.

Location Based Dialogue
As part of her base dialogue tree, Zora has a series of conversations that take place outside of her initial encounter.

– The burn scar story, which can be accessed outside of Brittleshin Pass
– The story of her dog Sir Cuddles, anywhere in Riverwood
– Zora will converse about bards at the Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth, when in range of Ogmund
– A conversation about spells is available anywhere in Solitude, which talks about her use of oakflesh and how it relates to her scars

Like most NPCs, Zora’s marriage lines were crafted prior to quests being implemented into the mod. As a result, completing her personal quest is not a requirement, and The Children Fair actually takes into account whether the PC is married to her.

– One location or quest based conversation
– Expressing interest in a relationship after completion of the Main Quest

Bonus Conversations

Quest Stage Location
The Eye of Magnus Upon Completion College of Winterhold
Laid to Rest Upon Completion Morthal
Glory of the Dead Upon Completion Whiterun or Ysgramor’s Tomb
A Chance Arrangement Upon Completion Riften
Dragon Rising While en route to the Whiterun watch tower Dragonsreach or Whiterun
The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller Before retrieving the Horn
A Blade in the Dark After speaking with Delphine Riverwood, Kynesgrove, Sky Haven Temple, or while accompanying Delphine
Diplomatic Immunity Before attending the party The Sleeping Giant Inn or The Winking Skeever
Elder Knowledge Before recovering the scroll
The World-Eater’s Eyrie Prior to departing for Sovngarde  Dragonsreach
Dragonslayer Upon Completion

To see a gallery of user screenshots, click on image at the top. Submissions can be linked in the comments section.

For more information about Zora, check out her character profile here.



141 thoughts on “Zora Fair-Child”

  1. so, i completed the main quest, I have completed her personal quest, I’m not married, but for some reason it will not allow me to marry her. if I wear the Amulet of Mara she will comment on it and say her “I will not suffer the embarrassment ” lines but that leads to nothing. is there something I’m doing wrong, have I missed out on something?

    1. one of the replies in the post-killing Alduin dialogue is something like “I want to be more than friends.” If you don’t tell her that, you get friendzoned.

      but you can console your way past it by “setstage dialoguezora 20” i think. Might be 30. One of those two.

    1. Are you guys using any follower mods? I noticed that the whole marriage thing tend to bug out when you have active followers and try to get married when using those mods. Try dismissing all your followers before asking her?

  2. I got her to marry me. dismissed all followers went through her lines ask her to follow me. then went to the temple and ended up waiting 3 days before the ceremony started. It worked but was a little disappointing that she only had a few lines as my wife. every five seconds while at home she said. your back from a adventure maybe next time you’ll take your wife. So I took her on one then went home and dismissed her and she went back to it. lol drove me nuts. She is one of the best followers I have had while playing skyrim. And thank you for your help Inara.

  3. Is there any way of making her dialogue louder? I’ve had to turn on full subtiles, becuase she talks so softly I often miss what she says unless I’m right next to her. Can I munge her audio files through an audio filter or something?

    1. is your NPC volume at max? I suggest raising it all the way and leaving the music somewhere toward the middle.

      unfortunately, most of the base files I don’t have the originals for, due to accdientally compressing them to FUZ back in November of 2012. unpacking and re-compressing would damage the quality.

      With those settings however, I hear her and all npcs just fine.

  4. Every time I quit the game she repeats the same lines of the first meeting at the brittleshin pass again…

    1. Make sure you have the SEQ file properly installed. It fixes the vanilla dialogue bug that was introduced by Bethesda. It is included with every download but can also be easily generated in TES5edit.

  5. It would be fantastic if she had more marriage dialogue and more conversations with people like Gorr and her sister.

  6. I found it trifling sad after all was said and done to find out she was straight. No wonder she wouldn’t respond with any marriage dialogue after Alduin.
    My feelings… they hurt.

    1. you can always just setstage dialoguezora 20

      She’ll call you “prince” I think one time, but afterward all the dialogue is conditioned to check for sex in the event people used the console.

      1. Yeah, tried to cheat. Didn’t work out. It’s a real shame since she’s a dynamic character. Props to her voice-actress. It’s so bubbly and adorable.
        I appreciate the effort you and your associates do. Just got a dejavu of that conversation with Serana. Blasted females.

  7. im having a bit of trouble. not sure how but zora has been set to nonessential and when i put setessential 1 for her it doesnt work. it accepts the code but she is still killable. any help would be apreciative

  8. i killed the owner of the inn in riverwood accidentally and the quest for finding her sister bugs out so she just talks to herself and turns to me but theres no dialogue option for the quest, help?

  9. So I went through all the trouble of doing the main quest. Of all that shit and suddenly a dead body shows up at my wedding and I cannot get married. I cannot even asked her to try it again. My whole game play is ruined because I wanted to marry her, I even created a male character.

  10. I really really need help. For the Blood of the kings questline I was supposed to talk to her about those guys in the cave, but I married her and now she tells me that it’s late and she’s tired, and that we should talk in the morning. She tells me this everytime I tried to speak with her, at any time of the day. Help please.

  11. I really really need help. For the Blood Of The kings questline I was supposed to talk to her, but I married her and whenever I try, she will tell me to talk to her in the morning. She says this at ay time of the day, and won’t talk to me what so ever. Please help.

    1. if you go to Riverwood (outside) in the daytime she should be there and a scene starts. you can also try teleporting her to Riverwood via the console.

      Also this site is defunct, go to 3dnpc.com

  12. i have just compleated dragonslayer and put on the ammulate of mara but no dialouge appears. only do you think you will ever wear one of these agian. im not sure what to do.

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